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Updated the storefront and now we have more products are available for sale.  I will be working on a video for the website that will give you a guided tour.  This will show you many of the resource we have made avabilable to you on our website.

Updated WordPress to version 2.71
Added new themes.  Updated the home page.  Laptop special for $1500 by HP.  Almost the ultimate laptop for a home media system. Has a blue ray player, DVD burner, 4gb memory, Vista 64bit, 6 cell battery, HDMI output.
The Onion – Satire News



Moved our Blog server from to
All new content will be served on  This should increase the speed of loading the blogs and create more exposure through the use of google ads.

[9:22:13 AM] john harris says: I am passing on a couple of articles that you might want to read.  Their all on google Apps and will pretty much bring you up to speed on wher they are at Now. 2 things I’m excited about 1) enhancements to the spreadsheets, incuding embedding Gadgets. 2) Video for Premiere apps and the ability to embed it in spreadsheets. I’ll send them across in order. Listen to the podcast in the last to get the full implications of this.

  1. Information Week artical 1
  2. Information Week artical 2
  3. Information Week Artical 3

Energy Web site from the government


Updated Mobile Media Center Server Software to Version 15
AHS Videos created using Sony Vegas 9.0 Platinum
AHS Soccer roster and schedule

Updated the store
Free the airwaves – Sign the petition on our posts page

Using the Starfire Theme.  DSL is still bouncing.
Squid Proxy directions added.
More content has been posted on the Home Theater page.
Photos added
News from cnn on 2nd column
Nasa photo of the day

Today we are working on getting Google ads to display correctly on this site.  In the mean time, I am also starting a new page on Choosing a HD TV thats right for you.




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