CES 2009 Review

imga05261Las Vegas, Nevada.  A great place to visit.  On this last visit, I was able to browse the Las Vegas Hilton and the Sands.  Why these hotels?  They were hosting the Consumer Electronics show of 2009.  At this show, I was exposed to the latest gadgets in the electronics industry.  From Cell Phones, Netbooks, notebooks, laptops, 3d Video for Computers, skinny computers, HD Video Cameras, Led TV’s, 1/2″ flat screen tv’s and that is just the start.  Home theater to the auto industry, showing off there latest sound systems and unique styles.  Even the gaming world had exciting things to show off starting with simulators, 3d video games, full sounds systems.  Of course, Apple and Microsoft where showing off there latest music players from the IPOD to the Zune.  I didn’t find google’s booth, but I am sure if there where there that android was being shown off.

I have attached some video and photos that you can look through.  Enjoy the scenery.

The Tech Guy.

imga0506 imga0498 imga0495 imga0474


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