Adobe File Media Server – Configuration – FMS.INI

FMS.INI – Creating an instance, allows multiple sub folders.  This is done on the playback file.

So instead of setting FLVPlayback’s source to rtmp:// I added an instance name – any instance name – such as rtmp:// and voila, the video would play again.

Modify the vod service

  1. Duplicate the RootInstall/applications/vod folder in the applications folder and give it a new name, for example, vod2. In this case, the new vod service is located here: RootInstall/applications/vod2.You can create as many instances of the vod service as you need.
  2. Open the fms.ini file (located in RootInstall/conf) and add a new entry to set the content path for the new service, for example, VOD2_DIR = C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 3\applications\vod2\media.
  3. Open the Application.xml file in the RootInstall/applications/vod2 folder and add VOD2_DIR to the virtual directory entry list: <Streams>/;${VOD2_DIR}</Streams>.
  4. Restart Adobe Flash Media Server.
  5. Place recorded media files into the folder you specified in the fms.ini file (in this example, C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 3\applications\vod2\media).The media files are now accessible from the URL rtmp://flashmediaserver/vod2/filename.�
    Note: You do not have to specify the media subdirectory in the URL; the media directory is specified in the path you set in the fms.ini file.

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