Windows 7 House Party (W7HP)

  • Whats in the box for the house party: Napkins, streamers, cards, puzzle, 10 bags, Windows 7 Ultimate, ads, poster, balloons
  • Install Windows 7 (clean install 64bit or 32bit) Steve Balmer signature edition
  • Discover Windows 7 features
  • Windows Media Center – Internet TV
  • Speech Recognition
  • Desktop Features (Split Screen, Aero – Windows Tab, Drag window to boarders, Mouse over preview, shake mouse)
  • Look at Windows themes
  • Windows XP Mode – Virtual XP on win7, app launches from icon.  Download here
  • Play Games – Diablo 2, WOW
  • Broadcast with Ustream and Stickam
  • Install Windows Live
  • Librarys – Home Groups – control panel and change its password – Shared data – Easy to find folders
  • Search  – run command
  • Works great on lower performing hardware – Netbooks etc.
  • Why was Vista a disaster, and Windows 7 Looks to be a winner?  Vista wasn’t tested long enough, slower, resource hog, security prompts.  Vista stopped working due to xp drivers, and older hardware would not work.
  • Light weight, fast, clean and compatible with older software.
  • Why is Windows hacked or attacked more then MAC ?  More computers with windows. Mac has only about 10% of the market share.
  • Apple had a show stopper with Snow leapord, which caused users to loose there data.  Will Windows have a similar problem?  Lets hope not.
  • Deepfreeze – Windows 7 support, lock your computer and make it boot like a new computer
  • DROPBOX – Is a must, or carbonite – unlimited backup of your pc
  • Spinrite – Data recovery
  • Dell Adamo – Laptop low profile
  • Notepad plus
  • 3 computers for $1100 – 7 days of windows 7, best buy $1200 – 3 computers, wireless router, slimline hp desktop 18.5″ monitor, 15″ media hp netbook
  • Microsoft is selling PC’s on there website.
  • Windows 741 for students. $30 for windows 7
  • Windows 7 Home Server
  • Stream the media – Media player – DLNA Device, popcorn player
  • WD TV, Digital picture frame, home stereo, home media
  • Zune search – Speed up internet search – Goto Internet Explorer, options,connection tab,  lan settings, auto detect settings – turn off
  • Windows Supersite – more Windows information
  • Watch the Windows 7 Launch Event in New York with Steve Balmer

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