CES 2010 Coverage

  • Flo TVMophie – Wireless 700mhz broadcasting on a portable tv.  There own network. Qualcom. $15 month
  • Mophie Juicepack – Iphone battery pack $79.95
  • Verizons network 3g is working faster than the 4g at CES.
  • Unbreakable phone – Hammer and nail against the glass demo
  • U1 – Linux Tablet / laptop. ARM Processor – Touch screen may be a little slow – Lenovo
    • Lenovo – 3g only, no wifi. About $400 720p res.  Snapdragon ssc CPU.
    • Hybrid notebook – Win7, dual core. 2 computers in one. Screen becomes multi touch tablet. 8 hour battery, has 2 batteries. Together 3 1/2 lbs.
    • Thinkpad and Ideapad.
    • 3g capable, 720p.   3rd quarter 2010 release. about $800.  Intel video.
  • Portable book – copia, Good Reads, Nook, PlasticLogic QUE
  • Boxee Box – TV box – Netflix – DLINK Hardware, software only at Boxee
  • DLP – Video Tech
  • ENELOOP – Electric bicycle – Sanyo
  • Android Nexus One – Googles Latest Cell Phone.
  • NATAL – XBOX virtual remote
  • PogoPlug – Nas, server for the home $129. Share photos, Videos, Music
  • Speed Test – Bandwidth test your ISP connection’s speed.
  • Ping Test – Jitter and packet loss testing
  • HowStuffWorks, Ultimateavmag, GDGT, Camcorderinfo
  • LED LCD, Edge lit, – LG 8mm thick, Samsung. 4k TV’s.  3D – All manufactures are going for it.
  • OLED 15,27-30″, RGBY. 3D OLED.  Plasma is still a Hit, about 15% of Panasonic’s business.
  • Two biggest stories are 3D and automotive – Ford Sync, Cruise control, automation.  Ford flex is able to park itself.
  • Cell TV -Toshiba –  Wireless N, 3D, converts 2D to 3D, 1tb hd media server.  Blueray player, Able to support 4k x 2k resolution.  Even Youtube video can be converted to 3D.  Kiera 2 panel. Led TV Cell processor. 512 zones, 5 x times more for brightness levels than regular LCD TV’s.  Motion Gestures as the remote control, like minority report.
  • Sharp – Quad Pixel Tech, adding yellow to RGB, 1 billion to 1 trillion colors.  Deep and rich yellows, golds and blues.
  • Active Video – Internet tv pushed into your cable box
  • Ring Earpiece – Bluetooth.
  • Video name tag $200 – OLED Screen.  2gb memory.  8-10 hours.
  • $300 flashlight that will last 20 years. mPower Emergency Illuminator
  • Sonim Cell Phone that is shock proof, dust proof, and unbreakable glass. Review
  • Slingbox.com – Watch your TV anywhere.
  • lastpass – Password tracker
  • ORB Ring
  • Whatswownow.com
  • Iwallet – Finger print reader $599.  Bluetooth security, anti theft.

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