LunchCast – iPad is here, one is for sale on ebay by me


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iPad is here.  I am now the proud owner of this great device. for information.

I am selling a second iPad 16gb system on Ebay.  Place your bid here (Sells on Tuesday 4/6/2010)


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This is what the package looks like :

I have unboxed my first iPad on Saturday, around 12:00 after buying it from the Apple store in Rancho Cucamonga.  I decided that I would show up to the store and see if I could get one.  To my surprise, I was able to buy two of them.  I went with the 16gb version for several reasons.  One, I only plan on storing apps on the iPad.  Data will be stored in the cloud depending on the apps that I plan to run.  The other is to save some cash, as the 16gb version retails for $499.00

I am syncing my iPad to my Windows7 Pc.  I have learned that the usb port doesn’t support the required 10watt power output to charge the iPad.  There are a few newer Apple PC’s that can do this.  However, it will not drain the battery while it is plugged into a non charging USB port.  The battery has lasted well over 10 hours for me, as long as I wasn’t accessing the internet.  I know this because I was having trouble connecting to my WIFI.  I had it set for 128bit WEP, and it would keep asking for the password, so I just turned it off.

I purchased a few accessories too.  I found that the bluetooth Apple keyboard was very helpful when typing in the wifi wep key.  I also purchased the docking station, but I was disappointed when I went to use it  with the the Apple cover on the iPad.

I purchased the VGA cable and the Component video cable.  It was explained to me that I would not see any of the buttons and menus on the video out, only the in-house Apple iPads would have this feature.  I hooked up the component video out to my HDTV, and was somewhat disappointed, as the video looked grainy when I played it from the Netflix app. The resolution was less then 720p, but it was watchable.  Playback was smooth and we ok to watch.  Video out on the VGA port was 1024 resolution, so it was very usable.

The apps that I became familiar with on my iPod worked just fine on the iPad.  However, the default screen size on the iPhone apps were at half of the screens resolution.  Most of them would only work in portrait mode.  There is a button on the bottom right side of the screen that allows you to do full screen, expanded 2x.  This causes that app to look a bit grainy, but it very usable.

There are iPad apps that are labeled “HD” will use full screen and looks amazing.  It also supports landscape and portrait modes depending on how you hold the iPad.  The apps are more expensive the the iPhone apps.  The average price per app is around $10.00 USD.  I have seen some apps around $50, and some as high as $5,000 USD.  I do like that fact that most of the apps have a trial / free version of the apps.

Two major disappointments when web browsing are the lack of support for Flash and Java Apps.  If this was supported, I would say hands down, this would be the ultimate netbook replacement.  This may change in the future, but now, you are stuck with just apps that Apple controls.

When using my WIFI, if found that it didn’t like the WEP key and I had a hard time connecting.  There needs to be a way to save the key, even if it doesn’t connect.  Typing it in over and over again tests your patience.  At least I had my bluetooth keyboard working. I finally gave up and removed the WEP key from my access point.  Once I had it up and running, I found that the iTunes store was very slow and at times just would refuse my connection.  I am sure this is due to everyone trying to register there new iPads and downloading apps.

I wish this had a web camera.  This would be a great asset.  I like to use QIK to broadcast my videos live from my Droid.  Thats another story, but time should change this.

The email app is very nice.  It works with my gmail, yahoo, and outlook accounts no problem.  I can switch between them and it even brings up my calendar and contacts.

The iPad does not allow for any hardware upgrades, such as flash memory or removable battery.  At first glance, I figure the 16gb should be enough for most users if they don’t plan on storing movies or music on the iPad.  Most apps are very small, and you will still have access to your videos and music via streaming.   However you will need access to wifi for this to work.  That is were the new 3g iPads will resolve this.  They will be available in early May, 2010.

Video games are very responsive and look amazing on the iPad.  As more games become available, I could see this becoming a portable gaming platform.

Multimedia is very attractive on the iPad.  It will play back quicktime, mp4 videos back in near HD quality.  It will let you play your music in the background too even though multiple apps running at the same time are not common. Netflix, ABC, Pandora radio, Yahoo Entertainment.

Rumors state that there may be some programs to give students an iPad.  Future curriculum in the classroom could be placed on the iPad and reduce the load of the students backpack by replacing the books with an electronic book that works on the iPad. Tests could be taken, homework can be done, and much more.

Currently, there isn’t any support for printing directly from the iPad. Drivers are the main issue here.  As time goes on, third party support could resolve this.

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