Lunch Cast, DJI Phantom Quad copter review

I have purchased my DJI Phantom from DSLR Pros in CA for $669 with a discount code that they offered via chat. (Coupon Code:GETME10=-10 ), Saved $10, free shipping, arrived via ups 2 days later. (Didn’t ship from CA). When it arrived, I filmed the unboxing and assembly.  Shown below.


  1. Be sure and follow the DJI Video for best results.  Good information and step by step instructions.
  2. Charge the battery right away while you assemble the copter.
  3. Buy a second or third battery – Recommend factory battery as the right connectors and longer flight time can be achieved. $27.00
  4. Using the Hero Camera, be sure to choose the UPd option in the menu to flip the video as it is mounted upside down.
  5. Jello effect can be reduced by balancing the props.  Some videos here, DYI Version, Another
  6. Be sure and do the compas sync to ensure a safe flight.
  7. Turn on the remote first before powering up the copter (just plug in the battery to power it up).
  8. Start in GPS mode and make slow movements.  My first flight, everything seemed reversed to me, forward when back, right went left etc.
  9. Visit forums like rcgroups for more tips.
  10. If you have the Go Pro Hero 3, be warned that streaming video can interfere with the control of the aircraft, since it uses 2.4ghz wifi channels.
  11. Go Pro Camera alternative – Cmos vs ccd sensors.  Walmart offers the Lumix
  12. Big warning if you own the Go Pro Hero 3 – DON’T TURN ON WIFI – Forum

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