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Hello all, 
A few weeks ago, a couple of friends and I entered the 48 Hour Film Project. Basically, you show up with the other filmmakers on a Friday night where you are given three required elements.  Then, each team must draw 1 of 14 film genres.  From that moment, you have 48 hours to write, cast, film, edit, score, and produce a 4 to 7 minute film short.

We drew “holiday film” as our genre.  Our required character was Louis Porter (antiques dealer).  Our required prop was “a pillow.”  Our required line of dialog was “I’ve got a hunch about this.”  Together, I think we came up with a great 7 minute piece (which, by the way, features our kids quite prominently).

The films were screened for two nights. Our film had a great response.  Keeping our fingers crossed.

Anyway, we posted it on youtube.  You can check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrpVBpHHBck .   Make sure you log in to your youtube account so you can rate it and make comments.  Share it with your friends if you like.  We want as many views as we can get. 

(The video will be blocked at work, so you would have to watch it later at home)
Video of Zak doing a flip on youtube.  This was converted from and AVCHD file to a mp2 file.

Here is the Hindenburg Video from youtube

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