HAVA for Microsoft Media Center MCE

  • Supports both Microsoft Vista and WinXP MCE
  • Creates a virtual networked TV Turner for Media Center PC’s
  • Control HAVA connected video sources through Media Center user interface
  • Utilize Media Center’s PVR/DVR functions: pause, rewind, fast forward and record to hard disk
  • Place- shift your Media Center TV experience without requiring a TV connection in the viewing room

The PC client for HAVA Wireless HD and Platinum HD offers a seamless Media Center plug-in that enables users to watch live TV on their Media Center PC without requiring a TV Tuner card installed in the PC or even having a TV connection any room you wish to enjoy the Media Center experience. That’s right, watch live TV on multiple Media Center PC’s simultaneously using your existing home Ethernet or wireless (802.11a/g) network and create a virtual TV Tuner environment that provides true home media freedom by taking Media Center to any room in house or outside on the deck. Of course all of the Media Center TV features like scheduled recording, pause, fast forward and rewind of live TV are all enabled when using the HAVA Media Center plug-in.  

Easy Setup

Simply connect HAVA up to any video source including HD of course, and launch Media Center. It really is that simple!


  • “HAVA really shines for owners of Windows Media Center.”
  • “Windows Media Center users may very well find it (HAVA) to be a must-have accessory.”
NAT port forwarding for the HAVA needs  UDP 1234 ,56123

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