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We have decided to use WordPress as our blog server.  We have found many features that fit our needs with this server.  We would like to invite you to look at all the features of this site and post your comments.  Our main goal here is to provide users with solid information on how to build a home theater, and where to get answers to your questions on the equipment and what you should look for before investing your hard earned cash. 

David Kull is a computer network specialist.  He has had over 20 years experience working in the computer industry.  He has a business, called Kull’s Computer Service.  He is currently supporting the inland empire in San Bernardino and is looking to expand his business expertise into the Home Theater market.  Currently, his website can be found at http://dkull1234.googlepages.com/kullscomputerservice

John Harris is currently working on building his first Dome Home.  He has attending a 5 day hands on workshop on building a dome home, and was given permission to video tape the course.  He is working puting together a website with his footage.  You can check out his progess at http://mobilemediacenter.servegame.com


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