Kull’s Computer Service

Our original web site

Business Plan
What we have to offer:
  • A)  Networks for Home & Business
  •      1)  Kull’s Computer Service
  • B)  Home media centers & theaters
  •      1)  Mediateches.com
  •      2)  Mobile media center
  • C)  Blogs
  •       1) http://dkwizard1.servegame.com/wordpress/
  •       2) http://mobilemediacenter.servegame.com/wordpress/
      2)  Priorities 
                A)  Finish mobile media center
                    1) Finish Index page, MP3’s & personalize Radio
                    2)  Once up & running pass out flyers & get everybody and their brother to promote it
(friends, Johnny – friends at the dealership, John – apartment complex, Rigo & the BMC, Eddy & Redlands Ford, Bobbi & Loma Linda University, Dave – anyone at school district
                 B)  Kull’s Computer Service
                     1)  Touch base with doctor & anyone else you can think of
      2)  Publish a satisfied customer article in the Blog (would be free advertiseing for him)
                 C)  Home Media Centers
                      1)  Each of us has to design & use a functional media center (hardware & software).
It doesn’t matter if it is internet based,  desktop based (AIR) or combination, Bottom line it has to be cohesive and totally functional, We have damn near everything we need (tuners, Hava, Slingbox, Roku, 2 licsences for Beyond TV, etc,
2)  We need TV recording, Video (movies we got), Music (MP3’s), Photos (Picassa), Internet TV, (anything we can get our hands on & will make us unique) etc.

We are using Xampp to provide our web pages on our web server.  Our blog server is using WordPress.


Cisco equipment
US Robotics

Microsoft Server 2003

Verizon DSL / FIOS


Kodak, OLA School District, DR Johnson DDS, Harmon Computer Service.

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