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Squid Proxy –
This is a great small proxy server and is used in places that have a lot of computers and only one small internet connection.  It will cache websites locally on the hard drive, which makes it faster to open a web site the next time you visit it.  There are hundreds of settings that you can change, and it is documented here:

I Installed squid proxy to improve my internet speed and to do content filtering.  I installed the windows version 2.7.stqable4 – download here: After the download, I extracted the zip file to the root of drive C:

1). Extract Squid to c:\
2). Start / run / cmd (Go to dos prompt)
3). cd \squid\etc
4). copy *.default *. (this will copy the config files and remove the default extension)
5). Notepad squid.conf
6). Search for 3128 and change the prompt to 8080
7). Make other changes you need to fit your network.  Example, DNS, ACL
7a). acl RULENAME dstdomain .www.domain.com   #(Doesn’t cache this domain)
       no_cache deny RULENAME
8). cd \squid\sbin
8a). Sqid -z to create the default cache folders
8b). Squid – tests your config for errors and runs (not recommend to always run this way)Do step 9 to install it as a service.  This will make it startup on a reboot, and if it stops, will auto restart.
9). squid – i to install as a service (squid -r to remove the service)
A). net start squid (net stop squid to stop it).
B). Change your browser settings to point to the new proxy :
tools / internet options / connections / lan settings / Proxy: localhost Port:8080
C). Test your internet connection – open a web site like http://www.google.com

You may want to adjust the cache size from 10mb to 100mb in the c:\squid\etc\squid.conf file.  You can change the location of the cache too.  It creates log files by default in the

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