Our Progress

Today, we are at version 12 of the mobile media server application.  This app was writting with Adobe Flash cs3.  We are using Mysql, php, and Apache server – with the xampp installer.
Video player:
1). Able to stream mp4 videos
2). Read the existing directory of the media files
3). ADMIN – Compare existing directory against the database
4). Add / delete titles from the database
5). Add catagories to the database
6). Display all titles from the data base in a drop down box.
7). Show titles based on catagory, and launch the video that is selected.


Todo List:

1). Add code for the user login / registration page.  looking for md5 encryption
2). Manage the users – Add, delete, access level
3). Themes – background themes – photo, colors, default video played when open
4). Video recorder / scheduler if there is access to cable or satelite video.
5). MP3 audio player
6). Live video pod casting – multiple cameras, blue / green screen – visual communicator.
7). Remote whiteboard / video conferencing / chat / application sharing / presentation
8). Internet radio stations database / player
9). Podcasting radio station – broadcast your own radio station.
A). Sound clips / effects on the fly while broadcasting.

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