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LunchCast – Audible App for the Droid Phone

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Do you have an Audible account and a Droid Phone?  Want to listen to your books on the Droid?  You can download the beta version of Audible from here

  1. Download the file to your pc and rename the extension to .apk from .zip
  2. Connect your usb cable to your computer and the Droid.
  3. Drag down the top line of your phone and choose mount usb flash card.
  4. On your computer copy the file to your flash card on the droid.
  5. Disconnect your droid and mount the flash drive on your phone.
  6. Use a program such as Astaro and browse to the file you just copied and install it.
  7. Note: Settings > Applications – install applications from unknown sources must be checked.

All credit for this find and the download file goes to Corinacakes on DroidForums.

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You can download the application here:…Vv/AudibleAndroidB3.html
Once downloaded, change the file from a .zip to a .apk and place it on your SD Card.
Make sure you have the proper settings on your Droid to install applications from unknown sources, which can be found in Settings > Applications.
Then use a file manager program like Astro File Manager to locate the .apk on your SD Card and click it and choose to install it.
All credit for this find and the download file goes to Corinacakes on DroidForums.
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LunchCast – Professional Audio Recording on your iPad

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Use your iPad with the Yeti Microphone.   Amazon for $107.35 . Record professional quality audio directly to your iPad.

Yeti official home page

Read all it about it here

Clam Case – Turn your iPad into a laptop

iPod Connection kit $27

iPad Connection Kit – Apple Store $29.00

AVCHD M2TS Video Editing Software

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

I have a Panasonic HD video camera, which records video in AVCHD m2ts video files.  I have been looking for software that will allow me to edit the video, save it in the raw format without quality degradation.  As of today, I found a solution that looks promising.  I have installed UBUNTU (Linux) on my laptop, and then installed Kdenlive.  I was able to add a clip to the timeline, cropped it and then rendered it to a mt2s file.

I have found other solutions with windows, but I didn’t want to shell out the big bucks just to edit some of my home videos.  Programs that I have found were Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Pinicale.  Windows 7 has a built in video player for AVCHD and with Windows live movie maker (downloaded free from Microsoft), it was able to edit video.

With Youtube becoming a big hit with video, we have seen support for AVCHD video.  Just upload your raw video to Youtube for everyone to enjoy.  This is great if you don’t mind the limitation of 10 minutes worth of video.

One of the many things that I have noticed with shooting video in HD, is that the files are saved every time you pause recording.  When you start again, it creates a new file.  I have found myself looking for a program just to join several clips together into one larger clip.  I have one that works and plays back well with windows 7, but when I upload the larger clip to youtube, I find that my 5 minute clip turned into 10 minutes.  Playback is now in slow motion off of Youtube.  I am sure this is a rendering problem with youtube, but none the less, this created a new problem, and made the solution un-usable.

Note that Cinelerra 4.1, Kdenlive and OpenShot all natively edit AVCHD on Linux.

CES 2009 Review

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

imga05261Las Vegas, Nevada.  A great place to visit.  On this last visit, I was able to browse the Las Vegas Hilton and the Sands.  Why these hotels?  They were hosting the Consumer Electronics show of 2009.  At this show, I was exposed to the latest gadgets in the electronics industry.  From Cell Phones, Netbooks, notebooks, laptops, 3d Video for Computers, skinny computers, HD Video Cameras, Led TV’s, 1/2″ flat screen tv’s and that is just the start.  Home theater to the auto industry, showing off there latest sound systems and unique styles.  Even the gaming world had exciting things to show off starting with simulators, 3d video games, full sounds systems.  Of course, Apple and Microsoft where showing off there latest music players from the IPOD to the Zune.  I didn’t find google’s booth, but I am sure if there where there that android was being shown off.

I have attached some video and photos that you can look through.  Enjoy the scenery.

The Tech Guy.

imga0506 imga0498 imga0495 imga0474

Garage Band for the PC – Mixcraft

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Screenshot Mixcraft 4

Looking to mix your own music with your PC?  Look no further. Mixcraft is an amazing piece of software that lets you write your own music.  It is very similar to Garage band for the MAC. This program works with your MIDI keyboard and lets you record from any source you can hook up to your pc.  The video tutorials are good in explaining how to get up and running right away.  It comes with a 14 day trial.  If you serious about music, this software is a must.


Audio for your home theater.

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Improve the audio output from your computer to get un modified audio.

asio4all audio – Free Download

Use Winamp for the audio player 



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