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Solar Power – Kulltech House – 20 BP 150 2.5 kW AC Solar Farm

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
  • Installed in April of 2004Solar - Sidewalk view
  • 20 BP 150
  • 2.5 kW AC
  • Solar Farm installed on our hillside.
  • We use the Sunny boy inverter and feed the energy (sell unused power) to the electric company.
  • At night, we buy back the energy at a lower rate.
  • Monthly maintenance, cleaning the glass with a window cleaner.
  • This has lowered our electric bill for the year from $1500 to $100.
  • The cost of the system was $24,000 installed.  After the 50% rebate from the government, we paid $12,000.
  • We expect to break even in about 8 years.  After that, it will be almost free electricity.

We purchased our solar farm from Energy Efficiency : EESOLAR.COM

Solar Inv DSCN0835Solar Mounting DSCN0843Solar Wires DSCN0844Solar DSCF0091

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Dome Homes – John Harris

Monday, August 11th, 2008

John’s interest in Dome Homes has grown since he decided that he wanted to build a home that is off the grid.  He learned about Solar power, water wells, heating, cooling, pumps and much more in the process.  He went to a 5 day course on how to build a dome home and was able to video tape it in HD.  He is in the process of putting together a multimedia site that you can visit and watch his videos.

You can visit this site at

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