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LunchCast – Droid for sale, Upgraded to the Fascinate

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Droid listed for sale on EBAY.Droid

I upgraded to the new Fascinate, so I now have the Droid available to sell.  List price on this bad boy is $559.  I see them selling used on ebay for around $200.

Lets get the bidding going, please check it out.  Thank you.

LunchCast – Droid and Flash 10.1

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Want to install Froyo Leak on your Droid? Visit Droidlife.

Casey has installed Froyo leak – Android 2.2 and flash 10.1 on his phone.  He is able to watch all the youtube videos now.  However a lot of sites still don’t come up.  It could be that they redirect to a mobile version of there website, without flash.  He also tried and a message indicated that he isn’t licensed to view videos on  Maybe it thinks he isn’t in the USA.

LunchCast – Audible App for the Droid Phone

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Do you have an Audible account and a Droid Phone?  Want to listen to your books on the Droid?  You can download the beta version of Audible from here

  1. Download the file to your pc and rename the extension to .apk from .zip
  2. Connect your usb cable to your computer and the Droid.
  3. Drag down the top line of your phone and choose mount usb flash card.
  4. On your computer copy the file to your flash card on the droid.
  5. Disconnect your droid and mount the flash drive on your phone.
  6. Use a program such as Astaro and browse to the file you just copied and install it.
  7. Note: Settings > Applications – install applications from unknown sources must be checked.

All credit for this find and the download file goes to Corinacakes on DroidForums.

To follow me on Twitter, go to 1 Posted : Wednesday, June 02, 2010 3:34:28 PM(UTC)
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You can download the application here:…Vv/AudibleAndroidB3.html
Once downloaded, change the file from a .zip to a .apk and place it on your SD Card.
Make sure you have the proper settings on your Droid to install applications from unknown sources, which can be found in Settings > Applications.
Then use a file manager program like Astro File Manager to locate the .apk on your SD Card and click it and choose to install it.
All credit for this find and the download file goes to Corinacakes on DroidForums.
To follow me on Twitter, go to

LunchCast – TomTom Darth Vader Voice

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Have a TomTom ?  You will want to get the directions from Darth Vader.  Check out the 3 samples

  1. Depart
  2. Turn around when possible
  3. Left turn ahead

Voices will be coming for the Droid in June.

LunchCast – HTML5 – Video Playback – Android Tablet with Flash

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Links are courtesy of John Harris

  1. Youtube – Use Google chrome to view this.  It will allow you to turn on HTML5
  2. Youtube moving to HTML5 – Big step
  3. Watch a video in HTML 5 – 1080p, 720p, and 480p.  Also gives slow motion control. Hidden in play button. You will notice that you are using html5 when the video loads, it will show the word HTML5.
  4. Programming in HTML5 – Google youtube video
  5. Google to open-source VP8 for HTML5
  6. Flexible OLED Screens
  7. Android tablet with Flash

LunchCast – Droid wifi tethering

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Want to tether your droid phone via wifi?

  1. Root your phone. If the OTA update happened 2.1, you will need to go back to 2.0.1. You can’t root a 2.1 Droid at this time.  This means you will loose all your apps and wipe out your phone to go back to 2.0.1
  2. Re-Activate your phone – *228
  3. Install barnacle on the phone.
  4. Prevent OTA update of your phone.

Unroot / unbrick your droid phone: Artical 1 :


2.00 (.sbf file)
2.01 (.sbf file)
B. (RSDLite 4.6)
C.… (32-bit Motorola USB Drivers)
or… (64-bit Motorola USB Drivers)

1. Download all of the files above including the 32-bit OR 64-bit Motorola USB Drivers.
2. Install RSDLite 4.6 AND the 32-bit or 64-bit Motorola USB Drivers (Depends on your system most will need 32-bit some will need 64-bit)
3. Connect your phone to USB and turn it off then while your phone is booting hold up on the DPAD.
4. Run RSD Lite 4.6 as Administrator (For all you Vista and 7 folks out there. If you are using XP you may not need to run as Administrator)
5. Click the … next to the filename box and browse to where you saved the .sbf file and double click the .sbf file.
6. Hit start and below it should give you completion progress and all of that.
7. Once your phone is done being flashed (It may take a while so don’t unplug it) it will reboot and you will be back at stock 2.0.1 no root.
8. Done

dordodim for the sbf file.
Motorola for the awesome phone, usb drivers and RSDLite (Thanks Ron for pointing out where I could find the USB Drivers and RSDLite)

LunchCast – Tether your Droid to the iPad or any PC

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Don’t want to wait for the iPad to come out with the 3G data service? Want to use your existing iPad on the internet while you are on the road or traveling? Own a droid and want to use it’s data to access the internet? If you answered yes to these questions, then I have an answer for you.

On your Droid, download the app called Barnacle Wifi Tether.
Since this is all new, you will need to take care and follow the directions carefully.
You will need to root your Droid to allow the app to run. Since the Droid was upgraded to version 2.1, you may need to take extra steps in rooting the Droid.
What does rooting the Droid do? It allows you to gain access to the phones operating system and make changes to it. Since some of the features are turned off by default, rooting the Droid will give the Barnacle app access to turn the required features on so can share your data. Be aware that rooting the droid may break your contract with your cell phone provider. You can always restore your phone back to the non-rooted state if you need support on your phone or if you want to be compliant again.

Sharing your data with other devices can consume your data faster then just running off of the Droid. You will need to watch this so you don’t exceed your plans limits and get charged extra by your cell phone provider.

Here are the steps that you need to make this work:
1). Backup your phone
2). Root your Droid
3). Install Barnacle Wifi Tether
4). Start the Tether
5). On your iPad, go to settings, wifi, and look for the Droid and connect to it.

Happy tethering!.



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