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USB Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

USB Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
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Product Code: ULIFE018400Features:

  • Powered by USB
  • Temperature Range – Inner: -40° ~ 120°
  • Temperature Range – Outer: -50° ~ 150°
  • Temperature can be captured from every second to 12 hours
  • The logged data can be pasted to Word / Excel easily
  • Support Windows XP / Vista
  • Dimension: 49 x 17 x 7mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 13gPackage Contents:
  • USB Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
  • USB Extension Cable
  • Driver CD
  • Streaming XM or Sirus Radio on your Playstation 3

    Sunday, September 14th, 2008

    How to stream Sirius or XM radio from your pc to the PS3

    1. Tversity or later
    2. Usirius or UXM
    3. Run Tversity on XP or Vista as your streaming server.
    4. An active Sirius or XM online account
    5. Sony Playstation 3 update 1.80 or later

    Install Tversity

    SETTINGS > INTERNET FEEDS >  under FEED MANAGER, change items to show per feed to 150 or larger. If not, you will only see the first 10 XM or Sirius channels.

    Vista users: You don’t need turn off your already existing WMP media server. Vista can run multiple media servers and the PS3 will have no problem picking up either one, simultaneously.

    Install Usirius or UXM and enter your login/password information.
    Now click START to start the USirius or UXM server.
    Click URLS and then click FEEDS make sure the pull down tab says ALL CATEGORIES and then copy that URL to the clipboard (it will look something like this

    Next, go back to Tversity and click the green plus arrow to add a PODCAST/RSS FEED.
    Paste the URL you copied from Usirius or UXM in the AUDIO FEED field. Under title type SIRIUS or XM. Click submit and save your settings.

    On the Ps3 – open your TVersity media server, under internet audio you should see your Sirius or XM channels! It may take a few seconds for the audio to get going after you open whatever channel you want to play. Plus with Tversity you can pause, ff and rw your satellite radio on your Ps3!!

    Stream video from your PC to the PS3

    Sunday, September 14th, 2008

    ps3-clear-black-front.jpgWith the Playstation 3 firmware update (1.80) from Sony not only gave us HDTV owners great new resolution-scaling options, but they slipped in support for media servers as well! Here are a couple of options for setting up a DLNA-compliant media server.

    Microsoft’s Windows Media Player 11 and Simplecenter are two options. With Simplecenter you don’t need WMP11. Both require that you already have your Playstation 3 connected to your home network as well as your PC. Sony’s help for network configuration is here.

    Using Windows Media Player 11 as the server

    Open Windows Media Player 11
    From the toolbar, select Library then Media Sharing
    Check “Share my media”
    On the PS3 – Under Video, Photos or Music, select “Scan for media server”
    Go back to the PC, and you should see a pop up showing an unknown device trying to connect.
    Allow the device, and everything should work.

    Using Simplecenter as the server

    Download Simplecenter from
    Install – If you only want the basic version, just click next when it asks you to create an account.
    Select your shared media folders and let it scan.
    Click next one last time.
    Check your PS3 and your media server should now be visible.

    Other Windows Notes

    Nero MediaHome is considerd to be the most feature-rich server

    Buffalo also provides UPNP solution with its external network hard drive.


    Allegro Media Server
    Elgato Eyeconnect

    Comprehensive list of known DLNA-Compliant and UPnP media server applications

    Mac OSX







    Some of these apps are known to handle things like trans-coding and specific X-Box or PS3 features better than others.

    For help deciding which software to use, read How to choose a DLNA Media Server for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux


    More info can be found here: Leo laporte 

    Kull’s Computer Service

    Friday, September 12th, 2008

    Our original web site

    Business Plan
    What we have to offer:
    • A)  Networks for Home & Business
    •      1)  Kull’s Computer Service
    • B)  Home media centers & theaters
    •      1)
    •      2)  Mobile media center
    • C)  Blogs
    •       1)
    •       2)
          2)  Priorities 
                    A)  Finish mobile media center
                        1) Finish Index page, MP3’s & personalize Radio
                        2)  Once up & running pass out flyers & get everybody and their brother to promote it
    (friends, Johnny – friends at the dealership, John – apartment complex, Rigo & the BMC, Eddy & Redlands Ford, Bobbi & Loma Linda University, Dave – anyone at school district
                     B)  Kull’s Computer Service
                         1)  Touch base with doctor & anyone else you can think of
          2)  Publish a satisfied customer article in the Blog (would be free advertiseing for him)
                     C)  Home Media Centers
                          1)  Each of us has to design & use a functional media center (hardware & software).
    It doesn’t matter if it is internet based,  desktop based (AIR) or combination, Bottom line it has to be cohesive and totally functional, We have damn near everything we need (tuners, Hava, Slingbox, Roku, 2 licsences for Beyond TV, etc,
    2)  We need TV recording, Video (movies we got), Music (MP3’s), Photos (Picassa), Internet TV, (anything we can get our hands on & will make us unique) etc.

    We are using Xampp to provide our web pages on our web server.  Our blog server is using WordPress.


    Cisco equipment
    US Robotics

    Microsoft Server 2003

    Verizon DSL / FIOS


    Kodak, OLA School District, DR Johnson DDS, Harmon Computer Service.

    Video Switch boxes

    Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

    So many cables to connect all of your video devices.

    4 RGB component video auto switch box – Firefold $89.00

    Auto Mode: will switch to a first available source, basically if the source is turned on, then switcher will automatically sync to it, as soon as you turn the source off and turn another one on, the switcher will jump to next source available. Manual select button can override inputs.

    Manual 3 RGB Component switch box $39.99

    • Allows (3) RGB Component Video Inputs to (1) RGB Component Video Output
    • Allows (2) Composite, S-Video and Stereo Audio Inputs to (1) Composite, S-Video and Stereo Audio Output. (1) Set located on Front of Switch with 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Jack



    A/V Digital/Analog Selector -HDMI/SVGA/Component – IR Remote


    • HDMI – Digital Audio/Video: HDMI 3 in – HDMI 1 out
    • VGA – Analog Video: VGA 3 in – VGA 1 out
    • RGB Component Video and Audio: RGB 3 in – RGB 1out
    • Composite Analog Audio and Video: Composite 3 in – Composite 1 out
    SvatSVAT – BH PHOTO $54.99  SW201 HD-Ready Component Video Source Selector Switch
    Svat SW201 HD-Ready Component Video Source Selector Switch

    Construction:Metal, plastic
    (3) toslink optical jacks
    (3) component video jacks
    (3) left-right audio jacks
    (1) toslink optical jacks
    (1) component video jacks
    (1) left-right audio jacks
    Power:DC 12V, 500mA
    Dimensions (HxWxD)
    1.75 x 9.375 x 4″
    1 lb

    – Adds 6 inputs and 2 outputs to your TV or Home Theater

    Price: $108.33

    The 6×2 Component Video Matrix Selector has been named the winner of the Audioholics 2007 Consumer Excellence Award for Video Systems/Distribution.
    The 6×2 Component Video Matrix Selector is the ultimate controller for high definition and progressive scan video sources. This HDTV selector allows you to simultaneously route any of six source devices to two separate TV/monitors or one source to two TV/monitors.

    Connect all your HDTV products such as DVD players, satellite receivers, cable set-top boxes, or gaming systems, and use the remote control or front panel buttons to watch any picture on either of two plasma, CRT, LCD or projection televisions with complete independence!

    This switch offers six component video inputs, six stereo audio inputs, and six optical digital audio TOSlink inputs. It will switch all of these inputs to either of the two outputs, with the audio following video. Comes complete with an infrared remote control that features discrete commands to make programming complex macros into your universal remote control system a snap. Now you can take control of your system and watch what you want, where you want, and do it with no compromises! 

    Rack Mount Ears and Hardware Included
    Component Video Inputs: 6 (5 Rear, 1 Front)
    Component Video Outputs: 2 (Rear)
    Audio Inputs: L/R Analog Audio (5 Rear, 1 Front via 3.5mm jack), TOSlink Optical Digital Audio (5 Rear, 1 Front)
    Audio Outputs: L/R Analog Audio and TOSlink Optical Digital Audio (2 Rear)
    Compatible with all interlaced or progressive scan analog component video signals
    TosLink® optical digital audio on all inputs & outputs

    Tech Specs
    Dimension: 13 ½” (L) X 7” (W) X 2 ¾” (H)
    Weight: 4lbs
    Audio Input: 3Vp-p
    S/N Ratio: 65dB
    Audio Input Impedance: 10kO
    Note that unit does not convert L/R audio to TOSLINK or TOSLINK to L/R audio
    Video Component Input Impedance: 75O
    Video Bandwidth: -3dB@300MHz
    For your convenience, the following replacement parts are available for this item:
    AC/DC Adapter – Part #98012
    Remote Control – Part #98013
    To order a replacement part, please call us at 1-800-506-9607.
    Product Specifications
    Warranty: 1 year
    Color: Black
    Size: 13.5″ (L) x 7″ (W) x 2.75″ (H)
    Mfr: Impact Acoustics
    Weight: 4lbs

    ATLONA 4 Port Component Video Switch w/ IR Learning $26.00

    Internet TV – Web Sites

    Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

    Paulyanez – My Media Player – Desktop application using Adobe Air.

    Video Player using Hulu Service

    Here are great links for finding instant watch videos on netflix:

    Streaming Media

    Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

    Streaming Media Event and finalistsStreaming Media West 2008Wednesday, September 24 | 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m

    Content Protection/DRM Solution

    Encoding Hardware

    Encoding Software

    Global Content Delivery Network (non P2P)

    Internet TV Platform

    Internet TV Set-Top Box

    IPTV Hardware

    • Digital Rapids
    • Optibase
    • VBrick
    Mobile Video Platform

    • Flixwagon
    • Kyte
    • Qik
    P2P Delivery Network

    • Ignite
    • Kontiki
    • Pando Networks
    Regional (North American) Content Delivery Service Provider (non P2P)

    • PowerStream
    • StreamGuys
    • Streaming Media Hosting
    Regional (North American) Content Delivery Service Provider (non P2P)

    • PowerStream
    • StreamGuys
    • Streaming Media Hosting
    Regional (UK/Europe) Delivery Network (non P2P)

    • Global-MIX
    • Jet Stream
    • Stream UK
    Reporting and Analytics

    • Keynote Systems
    • Visible Measures
    • WebTrends
    Search and Indexing Platform

    • Blinkx
    • Digitalsmiths
    • Gotuit
    Server Hardware/Software

    • Adobe
    • Microsoft
    • Wowza Media
    Streaming Radio Solution

    • Liquid Compass
    • Live365
    • Wowza
    User-Generated Content Platform

    • Veoh
    • YouTube
    Video Advertising Network

    • BrightRoll
    • SpotXchange
    • Tremor Media Network
    Video Advertising Platform

    • BlackArrow
    • Internap
    • SpotXchange
    Webcasting Platform

    • Accordent Capture Station
    • IVT Media Platform 4.0
    • Sonic Foundry
    Webconferencing Platform

    • Dimdim
    • Qumu
    • WebEx

    Roku and Netflix – Movies on demand

    Sunday, September 7th, 2008

    The Netflix PlayerPlayer Connections

    My ROKU box has arrived, 3 days l

    ater via fedx.  This is an amazing device.   I was up in running in about 5 minutes.  I hooked up the ROKU to my tv with my existing HDMI cable (not supplied), and the only other cable was the power cord for the ROKU box. After inserting the two AAA batteries (included) in to the remote, I was up and running. My TV showed me that I was using 480p video mode when I plugged in the ROKU.  The first thing I noticed was that there wasn’t any power on/off switch or button on the remote. It just turned on.

    The hardest part was using the remote control to enter my wep key for my wireless internet connection, which was 16 digits long.  The setup screen had the keyboard and num pad setup as buttons, and you would use the arrows and the select key on the remote to enter your code.  Once connected, I was asked to log into the netflix website and enter an access code that was displayed on the ROKU screen.  As soon as I hit the enter key on the netflix site, all of my queued videos started to populate the ROKU screen.  I clicked on the first video just to see it working.  After my selection, a status bar appeared, and indicated it was testing for video quality.  It started up with 2 out of 4.  I immediatly thought I was going to be disappointed, as I have read that 2 is low quality.  About 25 seconds later, the video began to play.  The video was watchable, but the pixels were noticable.  I decided to reposition the box, and upgrade the software.  After the upgrade, it reset itself, and in less then 30 seconds, I was back at the main menu, able to choose another movie to watch.  I chose another movie, and this time I was presented with 3 out of four for the video quality.  It was a big improvement.  I watched for about 10 minutes, and decided to pause the movie.  The movie I choose was in 4:3 mode, and it had the letterbox bars on the side of the video.  I went into the setup menu and selected 4:3.  I went back to the movie, and did a resume.  About 15 seconds later, I got a 4 out of 4 for the video quality, and It resumed playback.  This was very impressive, as it filled the screen without the letterbox, and it looked like I was watching the movie from my DVD player.

    The only thing holding it back is lack of content.  It would be great if it would stream music and video from either a web site or from my multimedia server, similar to there ROKU 1000 unit. To top it off, add a hard drive and include a web browser and you would have the ultimate multimedia solution. ROKU has made this an open source project, so both the hardware and software specs are available for all to see.  There is talk about adding other sources of video such as Hulu and Youtube.  For the price / performance, this is a great alternative to cable TV.  $8.99 a month for the Netflix service, and a one time $100 purchase of the ROKU box.  You just a DSL connection or better to the internet.  Dial up will not cut it.

    Here is a great link for finding instant watch videos on netflix:

    Video Player using Hulu Service

    This is a great TV Player using adobe air and using Hulu Service. It does have limited commercials, but it also supports HD and CC

    8x Blu-ray USB 2.0 burner coming from Buffalo

    Buffalo has announced that it is releasing the first-ever Blu-ray burners with the ability to record at 8X speeds.

    The company has an external and internal 8X drive, dubbed the BR-816U2 and BR-816FBS and each will be able to write dual-layer BD50s at the new speed meaning in theory all 50GB can be filled up in 15 minutes. Rewritable BD can be written at 2x while CDs and DVDs can write at max speeds.

    The external drive has a USB 2.0 interface as well as a eSATA connector providing the same bandwidth as if the drive were attached internally.

    Each of the drives comes with Cyberlink software for playback, authoring and burning of Blu-ray content.

    The drives will hit Japan in August for the equivalent of $382 USD(for the internal) and $435 for the external.

    Quiet Fan less PC’s and Media Centers

    Thursday, September 4th, 2008


    My goal is to get a fan less, solid state hard drive, HDMI and Component in/out, blue ray, media server pc for under $500.    Recommended 3.2ghz or dual core processor for blueray playback. 
    Here are a few links that I found:

    integrated graphics, blue ray, video games
    kuro – LCT / Plasma (BLACK IS REALLY BLACK)
    avchd – high cpu, need a decoder card


    The Netflix Player

    Player Connections

    Google Apps

    Thursday, September 4th, 2008




    Posted by Eric Zeman, Jun 18, 2008 05:05


    Ever been in this situation? Your writer needs to send you a document. They e-mail it to you but it is too big for your in-box. She revises it and sends it again. This time, it is small enough to get through but gets eaten up by your spam filter since it considers any document or spreadsheet attachment malicious.

    You make a few changes to your computer settings and ask them to send again. Finally! You receive it but it won’t open because they used a newer version of the software. You get it all straightened out, both of you start working together on the document, you revise the content, send it back and forth. Next time you look, you have multiple copies of this document, each one a little different than the other. You have no way to track who has revised which part and a lot of time wasted in between trying to clarify things with each other.

    If you answered yes, stop! Use Google Docs instead.

    Raise your hands if you haven’t gone through a similar hassle. C’mon, you know you have. Chandler lays out six different use cases that explain why Google will help avoid some of the issues mentioned in her intro. Let’s look at the most important ones.

    Collaboration: You can share Google Docs with others at the click of a button. It’s that simple. Multiple people can access the same document, with revisions saved with annotations so you know who said what.

    Chat While Working: Users of spreadsheets have probably noticed this. Because spreadsheets are often involved, Google’s Spreadsheet program gives multiple authors the opportunity to chat while editing the spreadsheet together.

    Teleseminar: One of my biggest gripes with online meetings is what happens when it comes time to share PowerPoint presentations. Half the time, the systems that host such services are incompatible with Apple computers and Apple browsers. This really bugs me. If a Presentation needs to be shared between Docs users, many people can join in a group chat, or jump onto a conference call with the presentation open, negating the need for specific browser (or platform) tools.

    Database: Because Google hosts all the documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on its servers, you can use them as a database for your enterprise. Simply grant users access to see the documents, and you’re all set. Any time documents are updated, everyone will have access to the most recent version at the same time.

    Chandler also discusses several other points in detail that echo some of what she’s already said.

    As I am sure many of you know, I’m a regular user of Google Docs, and this post (like everything I write) was created in Google Docs. I share documents with others often, and can say that the ability for two (or more) people to have access to files so easily is a boon to my work flow.





    Efficiency at work with Google Docs

    Monday, June 16, 2008 at 1:50 PM

    The Google Docs Team just shared a user-written guide (published using Google Docs in fact) with examples of how businesses can start working together more efficiently with online documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Like hosting a remote training presentation, sharing a draft document without spawning multiple versions of the same email attachment, and tracking team member work hours.



    6 Ways Google Docs Can Improve Your Team’s Efficiency


    Author of this report, Lynette Chandler is a marketer with a knack for helping entrepreneurs interpret and apply technology in their business – even if they are technophobes. Always willing to assist, you’ll find her at her website and blog.


    Ever been in this situation? Your writer needs to send you a document. They email it to you but it is too big for your inbox. She revises it and sends it again. This time, it is small enough to get through but gets eaten up by your spam filter since it considers any document or spreadsheet attachment malicious.


    You make a few changes to your computer settings and ask them to send again. Finally! You receive it but it wont open because they used a newer version of the software. You get it all straightened out, both of you start working together on the document, you revise the content, send it back and forth. Next time you look, you have multiple copies of this document, each one a little different than the other. You have no way to track who has revised which part and a lot of time wasted in between trying to clarify things with each other.


    If you answered yes. Stop! Use Google Docs instead. I’ll show you how Google Docs will save you from all those hassles, cut the time spent working together on any document and much more.

    What is Google Docs?

    Google Docs is a web based office suite. It includes a document writer/editor, spreadsheet and presentation software. You can create documents from Google Docs or you can upload one you already have.

    What Can I Do With It?

    Plenty. But the best way to explain it is to show you. So here are six ways you can use this fantastic free application in your business.

    pic-2Case 1 – Collaborate On A Document or Spreadsheet

    I recently hired a new writer and needed her to re-work and polish up a report sitting on my hard drive for months. When we sealed the contract I simply uploaded the file into Google Docs. In places where I had a few comments I simply added one. It shows up in a small note with my name, and date and time the comment was left.


    When she sent it back to me, I could see exactly where she modified the document since Google keeps a copy of each revision. Just go to Tools, Revision history to see the changes. You can also compare them and revert back to an earlier one. Very handy for accidental overwrites.

    Case 2 – Crunch Numbers Together

    When two or more people are editing or viewing a spreadsheet, you will see the option to discuss the spreadsheet. You’ll see the names of who’s viewing or editing the document. Simply type into the chat area and you can conduct a real time discussion with them. What is nice: Whenever the spreadsheet is saved, you’ll see the changes appear on your screen as well. Perfect for talking budget with your partner(s), accountant, sales or affiliate managers.

    Case 3 – Train Your Team or Hold A Teleseminar

    pic_3The discussion or chat feature is also available for Presentations. When you are in View Presentation mode – this chat option automatically opens. Everyone who is viewing the presentation can chat with each other. Or, you can get on the phone and do a small group presentation to train your staff.


    If you have a teleseminar, you can also invite people to view the presentation with you while on the phone. When you advance the slides it’ll be updated on other people’s browser as well. The best thing is, nobody has to download or install anything special. Just their browser. Pretty sweet.

    Case 4 – Create Check Lists And Training Materials

    Google Docs is excellent for creating and storing training materials for your team. Now you can have a central repository for all your check lists, training material and company documentation. It’s also a good way to share passwords and logins privately with your team. No more emailing passwords!


    Any documentation you create is updated live so if you have new policy or procedures, everyone gets the same copy immediately. You can also allow key team members the privilege to edit and maintain these documents while everyone else only has viewing access. This means you can control your information and still distribute it efficiently.


    But what happens when a team member leaves? It is super easy. You just remove them. When they log into their Google Docs account, they will no longer see that file. What I really like about using Google Docs for internal documents is, you don’t have to scour your computer for all the information. No more uploading to your website either. When you hire a new team member, just add them. So easy.


    Case 5 – Budgeting & Simple Accounting

    Are you a spreadsheet type of person? Me too. No fancy accounting/budgeting software makes more sense to me than a plain old spreadsheet. Using Google Docs spreadsheet, I have logged income , expenses and profit reports on some Joint Venture products. By doing this, all members of the partnership can review what’s going on with the money in real time. They can also update the log when they spend some of the money. You know exactly what is going on and it reduces a lot of partnership friction. You can also invite your book keeper. I bet he/she will be really happy not to be the only one entering transactions into the book.


    If you have things to hash out, just invite everyone to log in at the same time. Click Discuss and you’re ready to chat with each other.

    Case 6 – Track Your Team’s Work Hours

    Having multiple team members can get a little crazy sometimes. One challenge is, you don’t quite know how many hours someone has clocked until you get the bill at the end of the month. Yikes! At other times, you get different bills in different formats. To do your own accounting, you or your book keeper have to spend time re-entering everything. Outsourcing should simplify your life not create more administrative work.


    So, make your team log the hours worked in a spreadsheet you create. Show them how to use it and let them know you’ll only pay for hours recorded in that spreadsheet. With some simple mathematical formulas, you can make this spreadsheet calculate time & amount owed to them automatically. All they need to enter is time in/time out or how much time was spent working on your project. At the end of the month, you don’t even need to tally it up. The totals are already there.


    Best thing is, you know exactly up to the minute how much you are spending on outsourced labor. This way, you can take action to slow down or speed up the project based on your finances.

    How Do You Get Started & How Much Does It Cost?

    It is free. All you need is a Google Account. You can sign up by visiting If you already have one then it’s really easy since you only need to sign on with your existing Google Account logins.


    Happy outsourcing!








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