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Aquinas High School Soccer Vs LLA Jan 2010

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

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Apple’s Announcement today, is it a tablet? iPad it is!

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

We will be keeping you up to date on the latest news about todays announcement.



Actual event description:

Stage, with a couch on the stage, white apple logo.  The building is like a movie theater.  Press has there video cameras down below.  People are trying to stream from there laptops and EVDO connections.  Apple has a wifi in the building, but it is password restricted.  Broadcasts are coming through on cell phones. Looks like someone is able to stream video. They have not stopped them from doing so.  Music is playing.  Bob Dillan record is playing…Apple is asking users with apple computers to raise them up so people can see the logo’s…Please silence cell phones, program will begin shortly. 4 mins away.

Program is starting, lots of clapping….


Thank you all for coming…  We want to kick off 2010.

2 updates:  Update about Ipod, sold 250 million.  Change the way we purchase…

284 retail stores, last quarter over 50 million visit the stores.  New York city store is there newest.

App store – Applications for the iphone and itouches.  3 billions downloads from the app store.

34 years later, just ended holiday quarter 50.6 billion in revenue.  50 billion dollar company.  Revenue comes from ipod, iphone, mac.  Apple is a Mobile device company.  By revenue Apple is the largest mobile device provider in the world.

Main Event:


All of us use Laptops and smartphones.  Better than the laptop and better then the smartphone?

Email, sharing photos, watching videos, enjoying music, playing games, reading ebooks.  3rd catagory device needs to be better.  Netbooks aren’t better at anythings.  Low speed, low quality.  Just cheap laptops.  We think we have something that is better.

We call it the IPAD, holding the internet in your hands.  It looks like a large IPHONE. Virtual keyboard, large buttons.

1/2 inch thin, 1.5lbs, high quality capacitive multi touch, 1ghz A4 cpu, 9.7 inch screen. 64gb flash storage. Latest wifi 802.11n bluetooth 2.1, 10 hours battery life.  1 month standby.

Need for speed game demo.  Replay your game with video.  Baseball game shown.

App Store:

iBooks – App that shows books like the Kindle. iBook store is like the iTunes store.  Download books right on to your book shelf.

iWork – Spreadsheet apps $9.99 available on the app store.

Data plan:

  • 250mb data / month $14.99
  • Unlimited plan for $29.99.
  • At&t providing service.
  • Free use of wifi hotspots.
  • Activate right on iPad.
  • No contracts. Cancel whenever you want.

International Deals are queued to be set in June / July. GSM Mirco-SIMs.


Very aggressive price… Not $999, Starts at $499.

  • mem: 16gb : 32gb : 64gb
  • wifi:  $499 : $599 : $699
  • 3g  :   $629 : $729 : $829


  • LED Back lighting.
  • No Video camera
  • Video Out – VGA. h.264 video 720p
  • Has microphone, USB, 3.5 stereo audio jack
  • Has docking station with keyboard (optional).
  • 1024 x 768 OLED Screen.
  • 1/2 inch thin, 1.5lbs.
  • High quality capacitive multi touch.
  • 1 ghz A4 cpu.
  • 9.7 inch LED-backlist, IPS Display. 178 viewing angle.
  • 64gb flash storage.
  • Latest wifi 802.11n .
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • 10 hours battery life.  1 month standby.

Rumors state the following:

It will have a Webcam, extended battery life, content consumption device, less of a content creation device.  It may even be a new TV.  It will be a hardware device.


The name will not start with “I”

9″ screen 720p front facing camera, Oled, read books, free internet connection to buy, pay for 3g.  Free subscriptions to TV shows, like the Kindle.

Medical device – Health care records, device designed all of the security concerns and reduction in spreading germs.  9-10″ display.  I-tablet, I-slate.  Different O.S., similar to the I-phone.  Closed and boxed in to reduce Piracy.

User interface, customizable, simple and advanced options.

Able to purchase content, similar to the itunes website.  A service to store all your purchases in the cloud.  A way to purchase more items. lala purchases.  Cloud based for storing information.

Iphone, itunes, and other updates may be announced.

Album Big Bear City, Ca January 2010

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Watch the playlist of our Vacation videos for January 2010

Big Bear 2010 five feet of snow

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Here are some photos of our latest trek to Big Bear, Ca.

[album: Bear 01 2010/]

CES 2010 Photos2

Monday, January 11th, 2010

CES Photos

GO Plug


CES 2010 Coverage

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
  • Flo TVMophie – Wireless 700mhz broadcasting on a portable tv.  There own network. Qualcom. $15 month
  • Mophie Juicepack – Iphone battery pack $79.95
  • Verizons network 3g is working faster than the 4g at CES.
  • Unbreakable phone – Hammer and nail against the glass demo
  • U1 – Linux Tablet / laptop. ARM Processor – Touch screen may be a little slow – Lenovo
    • Lenovo – 3g only, no wifi. About $400 720p res.  Snapdragon ssc CPU.
    • Hybrid notebook – Win7, dual core. 2 computers in one. Screen becomes multi touch tablet. 8 hour battery, has 2 batteries. Together 3 1/2 lbs.
    • Thinkpad and Ideapad.
    • 3g capable, 720p.   3rd quarter 2010 release. about $800.  Intel video.
  • Portable book – copia, Good Reads, Nook, PlasticLogic QUE
  • Boxee Box – TV box – Netflix – DLINK Hardware, software only at Boxee
  • DLP – Video Tech
  • ENELOOP – Electric bicycle – Sanyo
  • Android Nexus One – Googles Latest Cell Phone.
  • NATAL – XBOX virtual remote
  • PogoPlug – Nas, server for the home $129. Share photos, Videos, Music
  • Speed Test – Bandwidth test your ISP connection’s speed.
  • Ping Test – Jitter and packet loss testing
  • HowStuffWorks, Ultimateavmag, GDGT, Camcorderinfo
  • LED LCD, Edge lit, – LG 8mm thick, Samsung. 4k TV’s.  3D – All manufactures are going for it.
  • OLED 15,27-30″, RGBY. 3D OLED.  Plasma is still a Hit, about 15% of Panasonic’s business.
  • Two biggest stories are 3D and automotive – Ford Sync, Cruise control, automation.  Ford flex is able to park itself.
  • Cell TV -Toshiba –  Wireless N, 3D, converts 2D to 3D, 1tb hd media server.  Blueray player, Able to support 4k x 2k resolution.  Even Youtube video can be converted to 3D.  Kiera 2 panel. Led TV Cell processor. 512 zones, 5 x times more for brightness levels than regular LCD TV’s.  Motion Gestures as the remote control, like minority report.
  • Sharp – Quad Pixel Tech, adding yellow to RGB, 1 billion to 1 trillion colors.  Deep and rich yellows, golds and blues.
  • Active Video – Internet tv pushed into your cable box
  • Ring Earpiece – Bluetooth.
  • Video name tag $200 – OLED Screen.  2gb memory.  8-10 hours.
  • $300 flashlight that will last 20 years. mPower Emergency Illuminator
  • Sonim Cell Phone that is shock proof, dust proof, and unbreakable glass. Review
  • – Watch your TV anywhere.
  • lastpass – Password tracker
  • ORB Ring
  • Iwallet – Finger print reader $599.  Bluetooth security, anti theft.

CES 2010 Coverage Photos

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010


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