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LunchCast Voip Phone services – Pros and Cons

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Are you tired of paying for your land line and want to know what the alternatives are?

You have several technologies to choose from.  Cellular, Satellite, Voip, Ham Radio, CB Radio, Walkie Talkies.

I will be covering VOIP – Voice over Internet protocol. With this technology, you can get better than Land Line quality phone calls.  The main requirements for this technology is access to the internet, decent bandwidth, and Voip software and or hardware.  Things to consider before getting rid of your land line.  Does it support 911 location calls?  Do your lenders or other financial institutions require a land line to identify who you are?

  • Skype – Computer and smartphone – Free video calls
  • Magic Jack – Computer only – Flat fee of $20 a year, unlimited calls
  • Net Talk Duo – Computer video calls, no computer needed, just access to the Internet via an Ethernet port
  • Vonage – No computer, voice only, $15 month
  • Ooma – $200 for hardware, free phone calls for life
  • Cisco Voip – Business class high end
  • Fonality – Business class high end

LunchCast iPad 3 rumors

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

What do you think will be the added features in the future iPad 3?

Based on the rumors that I have heard, I will post a few that are likely to appear.

First off, it will be scheduled for release in September 2011. HD video say, 2 times the existing resolution which would be 2048 x 1536. Or what about 3D video, without glasses. Front and back facing cameras in HD resolution with optical and digital zoom.

Since we are still waiting for the release of the iPad 2, why would we be expecting an iPad 3 right away? Will it be a replacement iPad2? With the new competition from the Android platform, you will see more tablets released in September, so Apples wants to stay ahead of the curve. Since they have invested another 4 billion in research for new technology, you can bet that it will be a substantial improvement over the existing hardware.

LunchCast Yeti USB Microphone and iPad with iOS 4.2

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Did you purchase the camera connection kit to use the iPad’s USB feature?
Did you purchase the Yeti USB Microphone with the understanding that it would work with the iPad? Well, it did work fine until Apple released the new iOS 4.2 software for the iPad. The software now reduces the power output on the USB port. Because of this, the microphone will no longer work plugged in directly to the iPad. But don’t fret, you can still get it to work with a USB Powered hub attached in-between the iPad and the Yeti. You can still do professional recordings in stereo with the blue fire app from the App store.

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