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Traxxas Tmax 4910 For Sale

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

I am posting my Traxxas Tmax 4×4 Truck on Ebay.

traxxas t-maxx .15 pro nitro truck 4×4

  • Original Box
  • No modifications, all stock
  • Engine runs great


Last run would only work in reverse, as the engine idle was set to high to shift into foward.

Looking to get $200

Lunch Cast – Sony Playstation 4 Announced

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
  • Instant power on – Resume game instantly at power on.
  • Digital titles are playable even as they are being downloaded
  • Social Play –
  • Dedicated video decompression
  • Upload screen shots
  • Share Video of game being played
  • Spectate game play of other players
  • 2 Teraflops Computing power
  • Try it now
  • share it
  • buy only if you love it
  • Ask friend to assist you in the game
  • Ustream your game play live
  • Remote play
  • PSVITA – Continue your game from the PS4
  • Blizzard – Diablo III
  • Activision – Bungie, Destiny
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