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LunchCast – Gomez Peer – Gozilla

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Porivo Peer (Earn money when system is idle)

Want to make money when your computer is running?  Install Gomez Peer and collect extra cash.  The more computer you have it installed on, the more you make.

PROS: to running the Peer:

Earns money in the background.  Doesn’t take up any of your processing power when you are using your computer.  
It runs in the background when your computer is idle.

CONS to running the Peer:

Are you running Gomez Peer and you keep getting these annoying popups?

Gozilla is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Gozilla process, or restart your system.

This has started to plague my computers that have Gomez Peer installed and running about 2 months ago.  I am guessing that it is part of a bit torrent that is being used by Gomez Peer.  It sure is annoying, and I would like to have it go away.

Another annoying issue I have with Gomez Peer is the fact that I can’t hide the system tray and application window at startup.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove this?  I would run this app on more of my computers if the users couldn’t detect that it was running.  Hide it from the task manager, and the task bar, and the program folders.  Just make it a service that runs in the background on startup.

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