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Motorola Droid Review and Links

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Verizon Motorola DroidHave a new Droid Phone?  I have purchased my Droid at Walmart and found it to be a great deal.  $188 out the door without having to deal with mail in rebates like you would at the Verizon Store.

One of the many great apps that I have used so far is QIK.COM. [qik user=”dkwizard1″]

With this app, I was able to stream video of my sons soccer and cross country events live to the internet.  Being new to the app, I didn’t realize that the default setting was set to private instead of public.  Once I changed it, everyone was able to watch the events live.  I liked the chat interaction from the people watching from the live stream.  I did notice, as time went on, the lag was almost up to 4 minutes.  I am guessing this is due to data congestion on the network.  However, once I stopped the stream and restarted, all was ok again.  I also noticed that It recorded the event on the website instead of my phone.  That is a great space saving feature.  At this point, I am not sure how long or how many videos I can save on the website.  The best part about this app, is that it is free.  One of the cons about the app is that there isn’t a zoom feature.  One of the comments was that the viewers needed binoculars to watch the event live.

Check out these great links

Motorola Droid
  • Tether your phone via bluetooth
  • Tether your phone via USB (PDANET)

GPS Navigation

  • Car Home – GPS Navigation
  • Carrr Matey – Locate your car
  • Four Square – Locate your friends
  • Google Latitude – Locate your friends
  • Locale – Event and location driven



  • Car and Alarm Dock using magnets – Engadget
  • Car charger via usb cable.

Docs and Info

  • How to use your DROID from Verizon
  • .

Apps Market for the Droid


  • PICSAY – Multitouch for the droid.
  • Metal Detector
  • Shop Savvy
  • Movies

HandBrake settings for the Motorola DROID Phone:

848×480 resolution, H.264 codec, 1500kbps avg bitrate, AAC 48KHz 160Kbps

  • iPod legacy
  • 848 (w) blank (h) (anamorphic set to “none”),
  • .video bitrate 1500
  • AAC Stereo 48kHz @ 160 Kbps.
  • AnyDVD is used to break the encryption.
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