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LunchCast – Todays topics – Webhosting and Chat

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Welcome to todays LunchCast. I have 3 topics that may be of interest to you.  Check them out:

  1. Visit my daily posts – Useful websites to visit BLOG or Great LinksDavid
  2. Please rob me website – Explains the dangers of using all of these social networks.  Here is a quote from there website: We want to offer this website to a professional foundation, agency or company that focuses on raising awareness, helping people understand and provide answers to online privacy related issues.
  3. Random chatChat roulette – This allows you to randomly connect with video chat to people around the world.  Be careful, as you can see nudity – even though it isn’t allowed. Here are there terms of service: Chatroulette does not tolerate broadcasting obscene, offending, pornographic material and we will have to block users who violate these rules from using our service

Here are some questions that I would like to have answered:

  1. Can you activate a usb camera without the light turning on?  I know you can listen to the microphone without the light coming on.  I have the Logitech 9000.  I raise this question due to what happened with the school district that was spying on the students via the laptops webcam.  I believe that the answer to this question is yes if it isn’t hard wired to the camera’s operating electronics.  In other words, if the led is controlled via software / driver, then yes it is possible.
  2. How can I tell if a camera is operating?
  3. How can I tell if there is a camera in the room?
  4. How can I disable a camera that is watching me?
  5. Can I see what the traffic cameras are recording?

I did some searching on these questions:

  1. I have found a website that can look for video broadcasts via wireless and display’s the video.
  2. Interesting reading here

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