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DJI Phantom Zenmuse Gimbal, Fatshark, upgrade kit installation

Friday, August 30th, 2013

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This is a 3 hour + video that I created to help you install your upgrade kit to the DJI Phantom, the Zen Muse Gimbal, and the FatShark FPV Attitude goggles and display.
In this video I hope to show you some tips that will help you avoid the pitfalls that I have experienced. Things like using the right cables, opening up the remote control, using the correct soldering iron, items that are extra that are included in the kit, how to test what you have done and many more.

I have made this video as a reference video for future installs. If you are interested in having me do an install for you, feel free to visit my website and contact me there.

This project took me about two days to complete, as I didn’t have all of the parts needed to complete the installation. Actual hands on install time took about 4 hours.

Visit my parts list page for more information
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David Kull

DJI Phantom Maiden Voyage with the Upgrade Kit and DJI Gimbal

Monday, August 26th, 2013

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Hey, its been a good day for DIY. I have been waiting for the DJI PMU module to come in so I could finish the Gimbal installation. I was hoping to be able to use for the 48 hour film festival. However, it didn’t show till Saturday, which was the day we were filming for the festival. I was able to get the upgrade kit installed on Sunday, which took a good 4 hours to do. There were several re-do’s that I had to do to get it right. I will be going over them in my next “How to install the upgrade kit for the DJI Phantom with Gimbal and Fatshark FPV”

I am so excited about this kit. It resolved 90% of my video issues that I was having.
No more:
1). Jello effect
2). Shaky video
3). Motion sickness from watching
4). Position, fly , and re adjust the tilt position of the camera to avoid props
5). Fussing with the mounting system to get a level shot
6). Guessing that I am getting the shot that I want.

Thank you for watching my video. Be sure to like it and visit:

David Kull

LunchCast – Power off your display with the keyboard shortcut.

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010


So here I am with my new Dell Precision M4400 Laptop.  I go to lunch and come back and my screen is on solid white.  I contacted dell via chat and they had me do a diagnostic.  Power down, and when power on, hold the D key.  This did a Red, Green, Blue, White, Black, White screen.  After that, I powered back up and launched Windows 7 64 bit os.  I set the power settings to turn off the display to 1 min.  I then let the computer sit, and after 1 minute, it went to black the way it should.  Great, it works again.  However, the next morning I come in and the laptop display is on solid white again.  I contacted Dell Support and the tech had me re-seat the LCD cable.  I thought this was going to be a nightmare.  He told me to remove the batter and all cables.  Then remove the 1 screw on the bottom of the laptop.  The cover was easily removed.  I then located the blue cable and pulled straight up.  To my surprise, it was easily removed.  I then pushed it back down and sealed up the laptop.  So far, all is great.  I asked the tech if there was a button that I could press to turn off the display.  He said no.  I then did a search and found this little gem. It is a simple exe program that you download and run.  You can create a shortcut that will run the program and you can also create a hotkey.  I chose CTRL ALT M, as suggested in the directions.

Here is a copy of the directions that I found:

There may be occasions where you use the laptop for listening to music, downloading files or programs etc. These are examples of usages where you really don’t want the laptop monitor to be turned on. Use m_off to turn off the laptop/notebook display and save energy (power).

How to Turn off laptop Monitor in windows vista/XP ?

  • Free download m_off on to any desired location and unzip the contents
  • Create a shortcut to m_off.exe by right clicking on it and selecting “Create shortcut”
  • Right click the shortcut and assign a hotkey. You can assign any key combination as a hotkey. Here I had chosen Ctrl+Alt+M

laptop-battery, laptop-display, laptop-screen, laptop-monitor, notebook-monitor

That is all folks!!! Now whenever you want to turn off laptop display, simply press the hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+M) and the laptop display is switched off automatically. If you want to turn ON your monitor, just use your touchpad or press any key on your laptop.

Now isn’t that an easy way to turn off your laptop display and save power?

Thanks to Manu Mohan (developer) for this energy saving software…

Here is another app that turns off the screen when you lock your computer.

Monitor ES is an innovative open source utility which helps you save considerable power which is used by the display or monitor, especially the CRT monitors which consume much more power.

Monitor ES is a light weight free tool to Automatically turn off the display every time you lock your Computer. This tool is available for both WindowsLinux. This us very light weight tool and works with all version of Windows Including Windows 7.

It will not only turn off the display to save power, but also it will pause any playing Video or Music or any media. It also sets your IM status to “AWAY” while the computer is locked.

Monitor Energy Saver review 1

The features of this small but useful utility include :

  • Automatically turnoff monitor
  • Automatically pause running media programs
  • Automatically IM away status message
  • Mute master sound (XP)
  • Turn on monitor for remote machines
  • Keyboard PAUSE key to pause/play running media programs(Gives single key control)
  • Custom away messages for IM
  • Support 16+ Media Players
  • Customizable options
  • Listen to your pause status
  • Very small executable file (44 KB)
  • No Installation Required / Portable Software

Monitor Energy Saver review

I find this utility a real tiny and useful one which makes a lot of difference to our planet by saving Power. We all need to go green with energy saving and reducing carbon emissions.

Visit Monitor ES Homepage | Download Monitor ES for Windows | Download Monitor ES for Ubuntu / Linux

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