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Lunch Cast – Sony Playstation 4 Announced

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
  • Instant power on – Resume game instantly at power on.
  • Digital titles are playable even as they are being downloaded
  • Social Play –
  • Dedicated video decompression
  • Upload screen shots
  • Share Video of game being played
  • Spectate game play of other players
  • 2 Teraflops Computing power
  • Try it now
  • share it
  • buy only if you love it
  • Ask friend to assist you in the game
  • Ustream your game play live
  • Remote play
  • PSVITA – Continue your game from the PS4
  • Blizzard – Diablo III
  • Activision – Bungie, Destiny

LunchCast – Steve Jobs – No Flash, use HTML5, Games

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Here is Steve Job’s letter why no flash is supported.

Read between the lines, he wants to support HTML5.

  1. Here are some apps in HTML5 – Akihabara
  2. PC games on your iPad – Appleblog
  3. Free Games India
  4. Html5 Games
  5. Appstorm
  6. Canvas Demos

LunchCast – Food, Games, Machine language.

Friday, March 5th, 2010

This is why your fat website

Words with friends for your Iphone – Scrabble

Want to learn Assembly language for windows?  Try MASM32, a complete SDK (Software development Kit) which is free.

LMSD – IT staff are spying on students. Students were given laptops that they could take home.  The district used the camera’s in the laptops to spy on the students.  The assistant principal was given information about kids so that he could confront them.

Playstation 3 – Watch your movies from your pc on the PS3 – Visit website

Droid – My tracks – Google app to track your gps info.  Can be made private or public.  Allows you to export to a spreadsheet or maps.

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