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Lunch Cast – Worlds most expensive and complex home theater

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Check this out – Kipnis Home Theater

He is in the Guinness Book of world records (2009) – 3 years running now.

How to choose a HD TV

Monday, August 11th, 2008

The old TV is out – or is it.  With the new HD TV service growing in the number of available channels to watch, we will be enticed to move to HD TV.  Right now most video broadcasted in HD will come across in 720I format.  The highest format is 1080p.  You will want to buy a TV that is capable of viewing all the formats, as long as it fits in your price range.  The 6 HD formats are 480I / 480P, 720I / 720P, 1080I / 1080P.  The I stands for Interlaced Video, the P stands for Progressive Video.

HDMI – The best connection to support all the formats, and includes Audio.  You will want a TV that has at least one HDMI port on it.  Devices such as the Blue Ray and HD dvd players use either HDMI and / or Component Video cables. 

The playstation 3 does have a HDMI output port, capable of playing blue ray movies at the Highest resoultion, 1080p.

You will want to look at the Native resolution that the TV supports. There are a lot of tv’s that only do 720p native, but can display 1080i / p.  They do this buy compressing the video down to the 720p size.  This may be acceptable by most people, as it is hard to tell the difference, unless you have 2 tv’s side by side to compare.

To be continued….

Cables that get hooked up to the TV:

Composite video


Componet Video




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