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Kull Tech Films – Las Vegas Venetian Hotel 4K Ultra HD Sony FDR-AX100

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

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Video taken with the Sony FDR-AX100. Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 12. Be sure and watch in 4K mode to get the best picture from youtube. Music was provided by the youtube library – World Map by Jason Farnham.

Sony Vegas Pro 12 – Trial – Full function with watermark when rendering out video
Adobe Premier – Trial – Full Function – Watermark unknown – not tested
iMovie – Free – Will edit 4k video, but will render out as 1080p Max. Final Cut Pro will Render out as 4k
All software will proxy the video and allow you to scrub video without conversion of any kind. I did notice that Sony Vegas will create a proxy video when importing media. Very fast.
Tested on Mac Book Pro Retina and Mac Mini with iMovie – Scrub stutters, but is useable. Playback with Quicktime may stutter at first, but then plays back smoothly.
Tested on Windows 8.1 Lenovo A7 – All in one pc with 6gb ram. Slow due to 5400 rpm drive, but it does work and is somewhat useable.
Tested on Windows 8.1 Dell 720 4gb ram – Slow to scrub and edit, but useable. Playback works with built in software to windows 8.1
Video uploaded to Youtube in 4k mode plays back smoothly with high speed internet (2mb or faster). Tested on 80mb FIOS and 1GB AT&T Fiber.
When selecting 4k video on youtube, the player will allow you to view it in scaled mode on your 1080p monitor.
Sony Vegas Pro 12 – Render as MainConcept AVC/AAC (*.mp4;*.avc)
Choose Sony Tablet 1080p, Click Customize Template, Give it a new name – YOUTUBE 4K, Include Video, Width 3840 Height 2160
Pixel aspect ration 1.0, Number of reference frames 2, Constant Bit rate, 50mb, Render cpu only, Audio 48k, bit rate 512k
Save the template and use it to render.

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