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LunchCast – Steve Jobs – No Flash, use HTML5, Games

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Here is Steve Job’s letter why no flash is supported.

Read between the lines, he wants to support HTML5.

  1. Here are some apps in HTML5 – Akihabara
  2. PC games on your iPad – Appleblog
  3. Free Games India
  4. Html5 Games
  5. Appstorm
  6. Canvas Demos

LunchCast – Droid APPs and GPS

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

I own the Motorola Droid, and I keep looking for new apps that work and are usable.  There are a lot of apps out there, but after reading the comments on most of them, they seem to have problems or they are in beta stage of the software development.

I found this App called GPS Tracker which claims that it is free.  You can then track the phone via the website for all to see.  Is there security to only allow the people you want to see where you where?  The website is provided by

Some other apps that I really like are the Google Shopper, Shop Savvy, Google Goggles.

Lunchcast – Random thoughts and current events

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Ok, so we want to keep the website up to date with as much information as we can.  So I have decide that my new goal is to have a Lunch Cast every day.  Should be short and sweet.

Today, I would like to start it with YouTube news.  Around 9:00 am, I went to and got the message http1.1 error.  I could not connect to YouTube.  It looks like this could have been a global outage.  I tried connecting from California and John tried from Colorado.  We both had the same results.  After waiting about 10 minutes, the site was back online.

Google news, they are attacked by China earlier this month.  Could this be a related event?  After all, YouTube is now part of google.

Is apple trying to shut down the competition to the IPhone?  Are Lawsuits going to be filed?

After watching some videos on YouTube about the Chile earthquake, I found myself thinking about what would I have done if the big one hit California.

So is Google the new power company?  The refrigerator sized power plant that you can install at home and get yourself off of the power grid .

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