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AVCHD M2TS Video Editing Software

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

I have a Panasonic HD video camera, which records video in AVCHD m2ts video files.  I have been looking for software that will allow me to edit the video, save it in the raw format without quality degradation.  As of today, I found a solution that looks promising.  I have installed UBUNTU (Linux) on my laptop, and then installed Kdenlive.  I was able to add a clip to the timeline, cropped it and then rendered it to a mt2s file.

I have found other solutions with windows, but I didn’t want to shell out the big bucks just to edit some of my home videos.  Programs that I have found were Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Pinicale.  Windows 7 has a built in video player for AVCHD and with Windows live movie maker (downloaded free from Microsoft), it was able to edit video.

With Youtube becoming a big hit with video, we have seen support for AVCHD video.  Just upload your raw video to Youtube for everyone to enjoy.  This is great if you don’t mind the limitation of 10 minutes worth of video.

One of the many things that I have noticed with shooting video in HD, is that the files are saved every time you pause recording.  When you start again, it creates a new file.  I have found myself looking for a program just to join several clips together into one larger clip.  I have one that works and plays back well with windows 7, but when I upload the larger clip to youtube, I find that my 5 minute clip turned into 10 minutes.  Playback is now in slow motion off of Youtube.  I am sure this is a rendering problem with youtube, but none the less, this created a new problem, and made the solution un-usable.

Note that Cinelerra 4.1, Kdenlive and OpenShot all natively edit AVCHD on Linux.

Adobe Premeire CS4 with AVCHD M2TS

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

1). Does CS4 Run in  XP 64 bit mode and Vista 64bit mode, or is it using the 32bit emulator to run?

2). Does the Trial version of CS4 support AVCHD MT2S files?

3). Does the Full version of CS4 support AVCHD MT2S files?

4). What is the minimum requirements to playback AVCHD video?

5). Does it come with a AVCHD codec that will playback AVCHD Video in full resolution?

6). Is this CODEC compatible with Media Player or other video player software?

Adobe CS4 – Support Questions answered:

AVCHD smooth playback totally depends on your systems performance. Most Laptops will work just fine with AVCHD editing but don’t have as smooth a playback as a highend desktop. AVCHD is very processor intensive and takes nearly 95% of your systems performance to decode it(obviously depends on how many cores you have) . There are solutions that will convert your AVCHD for better playback ( has always been an excellent choice) , but now you can get started with AVCHD and move to other Adobe plug-in partners if needed.

YES – we use all Cores for playback , effects, and rendering for both Mac and Windows.

I highly recommend switching to Vista 64 if you are a Windows user (Mac guys are OK with 10.5.4 or higher) Vista 64 will allow Production Premium CS4 to run using more than 4GB of Ram (XP/Vista32 Limitation). As with most NLEs, there are several programs running at the same time to give you the NLE experience. CS4 now allows each process to take up to 4Gb of RAM. If you have 16GB of RAM, then 4 processes can take up to 4GB each. This is a HUGE advantage over CS3. What are some examples of processes? DynamicLink, AfterServer, Photoshop Server, Adobe Media Encoder, Titler, Playback, Capture, Importer, and many more. I tell most people to count on buying 8GB minium 

I couldn’t get ahold of Adobe, but I found this info in the knowledge base:

– CS4 supports the following file types:

Format Import/Export support Format Details 

3GPP Movie (.3gp) Import and Export QuickTime player required on Windows 

Advanced Video Codec (.mts) Import only  

AVCHD (.m2ts, .mts) Import only  

DV stream (.dv) Import and Export  

Flash Video (.flv, .f4v) Import and Export  

Microsoft AVI (.avi) Import and Export Export Windows only 

Microsoft NetShow (.asf) Import only Windows only 

MPEG-1 (.mpg) Import and Export Export Windows only 

MPEG-2 (.m2v, .mpg) Import and Export  

MPEG-4 (.m4v) Import and Export  

Panasonic P2 (.mxf) Import and Export  

QuickTime Movie (.mov) Import and Export QuickTime player required on Windows 

Shockwave Flash object (.swf) Import only  

Sony VDU File Format Importer (.dlx) Import only Windows only 

Windows Media (.wma, .wmv) Import and Export Export Windows only 

XDCam-EX movie (.mp4) Import only  

XDCam-HD movie (.mxf) Import only 

– The trial version is the full version

– It does support .m2ts, is that what you have?

– Supports Windows XP (32-bit)

– Supports Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit)

– Required: 2GHz or faster processor for DV; 3.4GHz for HDV; dual 2.8GHz for HD (an SSE2-enabled processor is required for AMD systems) 


Adobe CS4 Premiere is not very well optimized for AVCHD editing/playback. Adobe points at the format, and users tend to point at Adobe. Personally, I think that the software is a little heavy, but I think that Adobe could make an effort to optimize it (other AVCHD players, such as the ImageMixer coming with the Canon HF11, are playing the .m2ts or .mts files just fine). See Adobe Forum on the AVCHD Playback.

However, I did find an [obvious] trick (on Windows) that makes the experience much better.

Just upgrade the priority for the process “ImporterProcessServer.exe” from “normal” to “high” in the Windows Task Manager. Simple, but it does make a nice difference (at least for me).


People in the forums are very upset about the AVCHD support, there is all kinds of issues. They all say convert your footage from AVCHD to something else (use AVCHD upshift software $49


If you have a Panasonic, then you can download the converter free from their website. Go here: 

But be aware, the file size after converting will be much much bigger than the original avchd file. 


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