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Lunch Cast – Kull Tech Films – DJI Phantom 4 Maiden Flight – 4K UHD

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

Kull Tech Films
in 4k Ultra High Definition

DJI Phantom 4
Maiden Flight

Music from the
YouTube Library

Aurora Borealis
Bird Creek

Time To Go
Max Surla
Media Right Production

Vibe Tracks

Light The Torch
Silent Partner

Silent Partner

All Aboard
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Kull Tech Films
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DJI Phantom Maiden Voyage with the Upgrade Kit and DJI Gimbal

Monday, August 26th, 2013

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Hey, its been a good day for DIY. I have been waiting for the DJI PMU module to come in so I could finish the Gimbal installation. I was hoping to be able to use for the 48 hour film festival. However, it didn’t show till Saturday, which was the day we were filming for the festival. I was able to get the upgrade kit installed on Sunday, which took a good 4 hours to do. There were several re-do’s that I had to do to get it right. I will be going over them in my next “How to install the upgrade kit for the DJI Phantom with Gimbal and Fatshark FPV”

I am so excited about this kit. It resolved 90% of my video issues that I was having.
No more:
1). Jello effect
2). Shaky video
3). Motion sickness from watching
4). Position, fly , and re adjust the tilt position of the camera to avoid props
5). Fussing with the mounting system to get a level shot
6). Guessing that I am getting the shot that I want.

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