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Samsung 4k UHD Monitor UD590 Review

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Review: June 2, 2014 SAMSUNG UD590Samsung UD590

This is a UHD 4k Samsung Monitor.  With a 60Hz refresh rate, other monitors that are currently under $1000 only display 30Hz, providing smooth video playback, video game playback from your P.C.  The 1 millisecond response time makes it a great gaming monitor. The reason for my purchase is to be able to watch and edit 4k content from my Sony FDR-AX100 4k camcorder.  The monitor has two HDMI inputs and one display port.  The HDMI 1.4 ports can only display video at 30Hz, as this is a limitation of the HDMI 1.4 standard. However, using the Display port, you can get the full 60hz refresh rate from your computer.  This is a monitor only, no speakers.  It does have picture in picture feature.  The power button and controls are in the back of the monitor, the bottom right hand corner of the monitor.  It comes with a CDROM with a manual and windows video driver.  It comes with one HDMI cable and one Display port to Display port cable.

I wanted to attach the monitor to my Mac Book Pro 13″ retina laptop.  I would need to buy a mini display (Thunderbolt) port to display port  cable.  I asked the Apple rep at Best Buy if it would be compatible, and he said it would not work with the graphics chip in the 13″ model, but would work with the 15″ model at the full 4k 60 hertz refresh rate. Looking at the specs on Apples website, it indicates that both laptops support HDMI out 3840×2160 30Hz. (Source).  It does not state if the Mini Display port can support 60Hz.  The Mac Mini uses the Intel HD 4000 Video which supports 2560×1440 (Source).  Apple has released an update to there O.S. Mavericks that now supports 4k video.  (Source)

The next test I ran is with a Windows 8.1 computer.  I am using an ASUS i7 with 12gb ram, and Nvidia GT 270.  It has HDMI, DIsplay Port, DVI out.  Supports 4k 60hz with the Display Port.  I am pleased to say that it works great with the Desktop, Mouse movement, web browsing, and of course video editing with Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas Pro.  No tearing, mouse movements are smooth, and video playback is amazing.

Samsung – UD590 Series 28″ LED UHD Monitor (Best Buy $699.00) (Amazon $687)

Samsung – UD590 Series 28″ LED UHD Monitor – Black


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