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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
News and tips:
  • Google is releasing multiple account log in support on there web pages.
  • Open your google shortcuts with chrome and add -private to turn on this feature
  • Jail break your iPhone / iPad – is legal now, but still voids warranty.
  • Google earth is being used to see if you have a swimming pool. If you do, and it isn’t permitted you may be fined by the local government.
  • raises $15 Million. Great FTP alternate. Send large files easily.
  • Future iPads will have a camera. Launch date is unknown.
  • Froyo for the droid allows you to install flash support.
iPad Apps:
  • Note Detective – Hum a tune and it will show you musical notes
  • Omni Focus – Task Manager – $30.00 iPad app – Try pc version for 30 days free.

$6.00 Emergency Radio – – Hand Crank, 2 AA NiCad BatteriesNewsmax Radio $6.00

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