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Streaming XM or Sirus Radio on your Playstation 3

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

How to stream Sirius or XM radio from your pc to the PS3

1. Tversity or later
2. Usirius or UXM
3. Run Tversity on XP or Vista as your streaming server.
4. An active Sirius or XM online account
5. Sony Playstation 3 update 1.80 or later

Install Tversity

SETTINGS > INTERNET FEEDS >  under FEED MANAGER, change items to show per feed to 150 or larger. If not, you will only see the first 10 XM or Sirius channels.

Vista users: You don’t need turn off your already existing WMP media server. Vista can run multiple media servers and the PS3 will have no problem picking up either one, simultaneously.

Install Usirius or UXM and enter your login/password information.
Now click START to start the USirius or UXM server.
Click URLS and then click FEEDS make sure the pull down tab says ALL CATEGORIES and then copy that URL to the clipboard (it will look something like this

Next, go back to Tversity and click the green plus arrow to add a PODCAST/RSS FEED.
Paste the URL you copied from Usirius or UXM in the AUDIO FEED field. Under title type SIRIUS or XM. Click submit and save your settings.

On the Ps3 – open your TVersity media server, under internet audio you should see your Sirius or XM channels! It may take a few seconds for the audio to get going after you open whatever channel you want to play. Plus with Tversity you can pause, ff and rw your satellite radio on your Ps3!!

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