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Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

I was wanting a new look for the blog, so I searched for a WordPress theme editor.  I found Artisteer,artisteer an application for making Themes.  I know about all of the pre-made themes that you can choose from on WordPress’s website.  I just could find exactly what I wanted, but it was a good place to get ideas.  I wanted a way to get a visual on how it would look before I made it public.  I then found a plug-in that allows you to test drive your themes. 

When adding photos to themes, I found that Gif files work best with transparent backgrounds.  When you use the transparent backgrounds, it blends into the theme that you have chosen.  A great program for doing this is the Adobe Photoshop Elements app.  I am currently in the search of a similar  application that is free.  Another great feature is using textures and gradients.

Free online tool- Gradient Image Maker

Here is a website for generating gradients.  
Here is a website for generating textures. This gives you a great professional and unique looking website.

Here are a few of the themes I have made, and a couple of the ones that have come close to what I wanted from WordPress.


Kull Tech Aqua 3 Column
Kull Tech Light Blue 3 Column
Kull Tech Red v2 3 Column

Amazing Grace


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