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LunchCast – FaceBook F8 Keynote

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Changes to Facebook
Timeline – Events in your life
Blog that makes it self
Filters – Timeline views – Photos timeline view
Creating catagories
Map view – Show where you were on a map based on time
Content based on apps you use (netflix, cooking etc)
Running app – tracks your run
Sumerizes things for you
Privacy button on each entry (public / private etc)
Like a book / read a book
Like a movie / watch a movie
Like a song / Listen to a song
Ticker is a lightweight streem of everything going on around you.
Share a post – Goes into news feed
Add a ticker, doesn’t go into news feed.

Open Graph
Connect to anything you want anyway you want.
Communication / Games / Media / Lifestyle
A new class of apps
Add activity to your timeline without the popups to share
Spotify – Music service – Tracks every song you listen to
Realtime serendipity
Play song from the timeline from a friend
Discover music through your friends
Finding Patterns
Captures all your activities into facebook

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