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LunchCast – Underwater Cameras – GoPro Hero and Sanyo Xacti

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Looking for an underwater camera?  I found two great cameras that may do the job.

Last minute, I found another Camera.  The Panasonic Lumix TS1 $229 (not reviewed here)


GoPro Hero $299

The GoPro Hero is an HD (1080p) waterproof video/camera that can go underwater up to 180 feet deep.

The camera can also shoot automatic 5MP photos at 2/5/10/30 and 60 second intervals during your drive or ride, hands free. Press the shutter button once and record up to 2.5 hours of poster-print quality photos.

Waterproof to 180’ / 60m and protected from rocks and other hazards thanks to its removable polycarbonate housing. Replacement housings and lens kits are available, making repairs or refurbishing your HD HERO camera affordable and convenient. It’s a GoPro…go for it.™

The Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA9 is an HD (720p)  waterproof video/camera that can go underwater up to 5 feet deep.

Xacti VPC-CA9

Xacti VPC-CA9 $299

The VPC-CA9 was awarded IPX8 certification (which requires the device to operate when fully submersed in water) based on JIS C 0920 waterproofing guidelines. Being waterproof down to 1.5 m (5 feet), the CA9 gives you the freedom to shoot the action in any weather and in any season, whether it’s a winter sport*2, a marine sport, or just a rainy day. Furthermore, it employs the advanced compression technology of MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, a video format that’s easy to handle on your PC and handy for web applications. The CA9 records high-definition 720p video in a waterproof body.

GoPro Sanyo
$299 msrp $299 msrp
5mp Still

9mp Still

1080p, 960p, and 720p in 30 and 60 fps (720p) 720p Video
Wide Angle Lens Standard Lens
LCD menu – No video display Lcd Display
No Zoom 5x Zoom Shooting: 12x max., Playback 62.5x max. (12M mode, depending on the resolution)
Underwater up to 180′ Underwater up to 5′
Sport mounts no mounts
2 1/2 hour battery – usb charger Lithium-ion battery x 1 (DB-L20 included: 720mAh)
no stabilizer Photos: Digital Image Stabilizer (electronic), Videos: Digital Image Stabilizer (electronic)
We’ve invested more in the HD HERO camera’s sound system than most companies spend on their entire camera development. You’ll only be hearing the sounds of your sport, not the howl of the wind. How? Obsessive audio engineering and an understanding that good sound is as important as good video. Microphone: Built-in stereo, Speaker: Built-in monaural (L+Rch mixed output)
Video Format: H.264 compression, saved as Windows- & Mac-compatible MPEG4 (.mp4) file Photos: JPEG (DCF*1, DPOF*2, Exif Ver2.2*3)
Videos: ISO standard MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (.MP4)
Audio: 48kHZ sampling, 16bit, 2ch, AAC
Light Sensitivity: Super low-light sensitivity (>1.4 V/lux-sec) Approx. 16 lux (Auto mode, 1/30 sec.)
Approx. 4 lux (High-sensitivity/ Lamp mode, 1/15 sec.)

LunchCast – GoProHDCamera

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

I just recieved my Go Pro HD Camera and decided to take it for a test drive.  Overall, I find this camera is going to be great for underwater footage and sporting events.


  • Underwater housing, up to 180 feet.
  • Lightweight
  • 5MP still shots
  • Full HD 1080p video
  • Up to 16gb SD memory support.
  • 2 1/2 hour lithium replaceable battery
  • Almost indistructable, designed to handle excessive g-force
  • Several mounting kits included
  • Great for mounting on  a helmet or windshield, surf board, boat etc.


  • Doesn’t have any zoom features, just field of view changes
  • Fish eye wide angle lens only.
  • Mounting requires underwater housing
  • No LCD preview
  • No Memory card included

Check out the video here

Some photo’s taken:

[album: Pro/]

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