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LunchCast – Apple Watch IOS 2 upgrade fix – Stuck verifying

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

It took about an hour to download the IOS on Monday the 21’st.  It then paused saying I needed to have my watch plugged into the charger.  Went home, plugged in the charger and waited another hour for it to verify.  It felt like it was stuck.  I tried this 3 more time and it would stick on verification.  Today I decided to reboot both my phone and the watch.  I actually did a full power down on both devices.  Launched the update again and this time it began installing.  It even showed an update status on the watch face.  This took about an hour to complete.  Now my watch is fully updated.


It takes 550mb of space.  Make sure you have enough room on your phone and watch.

You need your watch charger to do the actual update, even if you are fully charged.  In fact, your watch must be at 50% or higher for it to begin.

Before you begin the update, I highly recommend you reboot your phone and watch.

Do not unpair your watch from your phone.

Kull Tech Films – DIY – Dual Battery Install DJI Phantom 1 – 4K

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

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Carbon Fiber Dual Battery Mount

DJI IOSD Mini $69.00

DJI Phantom Battery $26.75

Zippy Compact 2700mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack $15.90
Hobby King:

XT60 Harness for 2 Packs in Parallel $2.31
Hobby King:

HXT 4mm to XT-60 Battery Adapter 2 pcs $3.44
Hobby King:

DJI Phantom Carbon Fiber Dual Battery Mount FPV Aerial Photo Video Two Batteries $14.99

Kull Tech Films
presents in
4K Ultra High Definition



Upgrades to the DJI Phantom
Dual Battery Mount
2 Zippy Compact 2700mAh Batterys

FPV Telemetry Video Overlay
Music from the
Youtube Library


“Drop It”


Silent Partner




Topher Mohr and Alex Elena


“Space Coast”


Topher Mohr and Alex Elena



Copyright 2014

Kull Tech Films


Thank you for watching my video. Be sure to like it and visit:

Youtube Channel:
David Kull

Lunchcast IOS 4.3 is available for your iPad and iPhone

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Be sure and get the latest update for your iPad / iPhone.

You can do this by connecting your device to your computer and going into iTunes to update the device. Why would you want to update it? There are 6 main reasons to do so.

  1. Safari web-kit has been updated and is about 2 times faster than before. You can do a run sunspider-0.9.1 benchmarks to compare speeds. They have also updated some security fixes.
  2. The iPad side switch can now be set to either mute the audio or lock the screen from rotating.  You can set this in general preferences.
  3. Turn your device into a mobile hotspot
  4. iTunes Home Sharing
  5. Airplay updates allow you to stream audio / video to other devices
  6. Screen sharing – Allows you to hook up a video cable from the iPad and mirror it to your tv / monitor. This feature can turn your ipad into a media server / client for your TV / Theater room.

Visit Apple for the updates

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