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Remote Desktop for Vista hack

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

This post will show you how to enable concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions in Vista, Vista Home, Vista Home Premium.  Do not do this with Vista ultimate, as it is already activated.

I found a software hack to enable remote desktop for vista. You can download it here

64bit version is here

Note:  You are taking a risk by following these directions.  This program will modify the registry and replace a dll file in the vista operating system.  You can render your computer un-usable or loose data if something goes wrong.  However, I have done this on a brand new computer it worked great.  Do this at your own risk.

Click on start, then type in CMD. Don’t hit enter. It will show up on the top of the start window. Right click CMD and choose run as administrator. From here, you can run the batch file. However, I have found that you need to stop the remote desktop service first. You may even need to disable it and reboot. This will allow the file to be replaced in the windows folder. As always, make a copy of the file being replaced, termserv.dll

If you have success, you should be able to use remote desktop. Remember to change the firewall to allow port 3389 both tcp and udp. Also, you should create a new account to use for remote desktop. You will notice that you can run this session and the console doesn’t get booted out. This simulates the RDP feature of server 2003, not the RDP feature of XP.

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