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Windows 7 RC is here

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

I have installed the 64 bit version of Windows 7 on my Dell XPS computer.  I must say, at first I thought this was just a watered down version of Vista.  However, after installing the RC software, I started to dive down into the new features of the O.S. 

Some of the big impressive improvements include Very fast downloads from FTP sites.  At first I thought this was an Explorer 8 update that resolved this problem.  So I decided to install Google’s web browser, Chrome.  It to was much faster in downloading files from FTP sites. 

With windows Vista Ultimate, I was able to download adobe reader in about 5 minutes.  With Windows 7 RC, I was able to download the program in 35 seconds.  WOW, thats a major speed improvement.  Even though this was great for adobe, I thought I should try other websites.  Sure enough, Mixcraft, webcam max, ISO reader, and Panasonics HDWRITER all downloaded at about 5 times faster then normal.  My average download speed went from 800Kbs to 6.7Mbs.

The install went almost the same as Vista.  Drivers for my hardware automatically installed.  I did get a notification that I didn’t have a sound card installed.  I then realized that I had removed my Creative sound blaster card.  I shutdown the workstation (much faster), and installed the Sound Blaster card CT4810.  The computer recognized it, but the drivers didn’t load.  I went to to download the drivers, and yes they had windows 7 beta drivers available.  However, I am not sure if my card was available.  I am currently researching this.

Cool features that I like are things such as the show desktop in the bottum right corner, pinned applications and added applications such as sticky notes, snipping tool and many more.  My next big task was to try out playing HD video from my Panasonic HDC 1 camera (AVCHD – MT2S files).  I just double clicked one of the files, and Media player launched, and to my suprise, began playing the video. All of this while using remote desktop from Vista to the Windows 7 workstation.  In the past, I had to download codecs and even then, video was choppy.  So far, I give this a great big thumbs up!

More to come…

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