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Welcome to our Flash page.  We have invested a lot of time into learning the Adobe Flash CS3 software.  David and John have come up with several versions of a media server.  The intent is to be able to access their home theater videos, music, photos from anywhere on the internet.  Currently we are able to publish our DVD’s and recorded tv shows on our media server.  We will be making a public version of this media server that you can check out.�
The link will be

Panasonic HDC SD1 Camera

We both have purchased the Panasonic HDC SD1 video camera from Circuit City.  John was able to film his 5 day workshop on building a dome home.  David has filmed his son’s high school sports. 

The challenge we are having is being able to make the videos availabe to friends and family on the internet.  The first challenge is being able to show the AVCHD encoded videos from the camera.  The included software that came with the camera allows us to create a Blue Ray DVD or a Standard DVD.  It does have a simple DVD menu editing program built into the software.  The software is called HDWRITER.  It has a very limited / simple cut and slice video editing interface. 

I found the camera on sale now for around $350.  Click the photo to find the latest price.

We have started with the adobe premier 5.0 software for video editing and found that Adobe is not currently supporting the AVCHD format.  They came out with a new suite of tools, which included Adobe Premiere pro cs3.  There is where we found flash media server and flash.

Play Station 3

Play Station 3

After buring my first Blue Ray DVD using the HDWRITER software on a standard DVD-r disk, I was able to play it in the Play Station 3 game console.  I was really impressed with the quality and how well it worked.  This made the Play Station 3 my primary way of displaying my videos.  I was even able to the SD memory stick, place it into the SD to USb adapter, and plug it into one of the 4 USB ports on the playstation 3.  I could play back my footage flawlessly from the software built into the playstation 3.

This was great, and made my $799 camera investment at circuit city seem like a worthy purchase.  Still, I didn’t feel like I had many options to produce good quality videos without editing them.  At the time of our purchase, the only software that would display this video on a pc was NERO 8, cd / dvd rom burning application.  This software even today has proved its weight in gold.  Being able to convert the AVCHD format to MP4 video made it possible for us to use the Adobe Streaming video server FMS.  This was a great discovery, since we can now publish our video on the internet.

Edits AVCHD and exports to MP4

Edits AVCHD and exports to MP4

We are still looking for a solution for editing.  Right now, we are able to use the Sony Vegas 8 pro software to edit the footage.  We have found out that if we want to convert this footage to MP4 hd quality, we needed the most expensive version, Sony Vegas 8 PRO. 

You can download a free trial version of this software at

We have heard that Pinnacle is now included with the latest version of our HD camera, the HDC – SD9. 

I have not tried that software yet, but I am very tempted to purchase the new camera from Costco. 

Panasonic HDC-HS9

They have a great price of $499 at the store.  Online I found this, but I would not buy…. However, the specs are similar.

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