Internet TV is just around the corner.  Right now, you can hook up your computer to the internet, download software onto it such as our HDTVMediaServer and watch TV,  even in HD.

Here are some of the challenges of internet TV:

  1. BANDWIDTH: As more and more user start streaming video on the internet, bandwidth becomes an issue.  If you share the same bandwidth with other users, you will run into choppy video, or low quality video.  However, with internet service providers such as Verizon/fios, this will no longer be an issue.
  2. HARDWARE:  Wired vs Wireless, networking, routing, security. Latest technology supports all of these requirements.  Recommended that your PC be purchased since 2007.
  3. SOFTWARE: There are so many video (CODECS) formats out there, and each one has pros and cons. Right now adobe flash player is used the most as a plug in to your web browser that will cover most of the CODECS, but you have others such as Apples Quicktime.
Companies such as ROKU, APPLE, have come up with internet TV boxes that hook directly into your TV and allow you to watch the content that they have setup for you.  ROKU works with NETFLIX, which is a great service due to the large amount of movies that you can choose from.  The problem here, is live content is currently not available.
Internet TV currently does not lend itself as a LIVE broadcast solution, but that will change in the near future.  Right now, most content is called ON DEMAND, where you find your favorite TV show, and you can choose which episode that you want to watch.  The advantage here is that you don’t need to record your shows, but rather watch them when you want on demand.  
Devices such as Slingplayer and Hava allow you to stream your video anywhere on the internet, but you still need to have cable or satalite service for the live tv feeds.
Click here to check out existing software that gives you INTERNET TV access.
240 tv shows and 92 movies
Click here to download a non – web browser Internet TV Player.

This site is intended to help you make a desision on choosing a HD TV.  Post your questions and comments here.

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